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  1. 13 minutes ago, Dislimb said:

    He wasn’t credited with the fumble since he never actually possessed the ball. Brady put it right into his chest and he just completely bobbled it. 100% RoJAG’s fault. Watch the replay. The commentators chastised him for it and so did Brady on the sideline immediately after. I’d like to see the snap counts of all three backs specifically after that fumble.

    Before fumble Jones 48% Fournette 28%

    After fumble Jones 26% Fournette 58%


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  2. 5 minutes ago, kp96 said:


    I didn't watch the game.  Was he being disciplined by Tomlin then?

    We have reasons to think he was. He yelled to the coach on the sidelines and never came in afterwards. He also never appeared to hurt his ankle in the game. Finally usually when recovering from an ankle injury you don't go from no practice to full practice in a single day.

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  3. Gronk is defiantly not washed, he looks good when blocking and receiving. This was an off game for the number of targets with some bad throws, but in general he just needs more targets especially near the red zone. He should average at least 1 red zone look a game and is averaging two to four targets less a game than Kelce and Ertz. I do think he is blocking more than normal.

  4. 32 minutes ago, bangarrang said:

    Better than I expected him to do this week. Looking forward to him getting healthy over the next 10 days in time for KC. 


    I do have to say, I’m pretty disappointed with Gronk this year as a whole so far. I didn’t draft Gronk early for 1 TD in 5 weeks with 3/5 games being duds. He’s drafted early with the idea that he gives a big advantage at TE and he hasn’t done that. Hopefully he goes on a tear but it does seem like TB is spreading it around a lot this year.


    I've traded for him just before the game for kerryon, reed. Spreading the ball is the best way to fix Gronk's slump. He was the only real target before this game. With Edelman looking good and Josh Gordon improving you should stop seeing those constant double teams. He is still the no 1 receiver and now has time to rest his ankle and expect to see more games like week 1 and 5.

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  5. I'm going to start him as a high end wr2 in 10 team std because I believe that since winstons return of injury hasn't changed the way he plays QB and Evans should see more targets than the last two weeks. I also think the touchdown drought is rather fluke. I understand concerns of him not trying, but he is technically in a contract year.

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