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  1. once he can play I would try and sell as I have likely similar or greater value in ingram. I will try and sell hopefully for upgrading cooks to julio
  2. He is limited in practice with a knee injury, hopefully he practices fully Thursday or Friday or I'll assume he will fall to rb2 due to limited carries
  3. to be fail an architectural degree is one of the most worthless
  4. he didn't just fumble, but he failed to open his hands to receive a handoff and before fail to catch an easy pitch, he doesn't seem to break any tackles for a brusier. I think his mind is not in the game of football and is wasting his talent
  5. I've always been very low on kickers and defenses, but I understand that a better kicker and defense could average you 2 or 3 points per game. I think it is late enough now to keep your week 14 defense or a kicker with a bye for a backup QB without potential or any flex players.
  6. After this week his schedule is better as well. Also I think the way injured Winston is playing Fitzpatrick may be an upgrade. Assuming Winston is back healthy I agree, but I think this pushed him into similar value to baldwin, cooks, and hopkins. If you can wait a week I think he has better upside assuming Winston can come back by four weeks.
  7. What is his value with Fitzpatrick likely the QB for the rest of the year? I'm believing they will hold Winston out just like Luck.
  8. I keep hearing his schedule is hard and sell now, but his only really hard matchup is week 13 aganist Sherman. He was one drop away from a 100 yard 2 td game against Talib. He still is getting chemistry when Wentz which is the top offense right now. I'm thinking he is a low end WR1 right now.
  9. He's looking like low end wr2 in standard, the touchdown's are few and far between.
  10. What tier of quarterbacks would Alex Smith rank going forward? He has the 12th easiest schedule (including week 17) and has the help of breakout seasons by Hunt and Hill (also consistent Kelce).
  11. Ajayi will be the 3rd down back, PFF has him much better at pass protection than Smallwood and we all know he is better in space.
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