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  1. 9 hours ago, herschel said:

    anyone trying to sell high as he gets closer to making his return?

    once he can play I would try and sell as I have likely similar or greater value in ingram. I will try and sell hopefully for upgrading cooks to julio

  2. On 11/5/2017 at 9:22 PM, Dirtywater97 said:

    Perine had his arms closed before the hand off even happened. Made me think it was a scripted PA play. Considering he saw no time after and he looked good in his limited action... Maybe not.


    EDIT: It really pisses me off how hypocritical Gruden is with fumbles though. Some go in the dog house for eternity meanwhile Thompson couldn't hang on to it in the 49ers game and is given free leash. The dude is rookie, they are going to make mistakes it's part of the learning process. 


    May be wrong on the 49ers it was either that game or the last. 

    he didn't just fumble, but he failed to open his hands to receive a handoff and before fail to catch an easy pitch, he doesn't seem to break any tackles for a brusier. I think his mind is not in the game of football and is wasting his talent 

  3. 1 hour ago, Joelioli said:


    Mike Evans actually has a decent backup qb, Hopkins does not. Plus winston may come back in a couple weeks. Evans ros, no brainer. 

    After this week his schedule is better as well. Also I think the way injured Winston is playing Fitzpatrick may be an upgrade. Assuming Winston is back healthy I agree, but I think this pushed him into similar value to baldwin, cooks, and hopkins. If you can wait a week I think he has better upside assuming Winston can come back by four weeks.

  4. I keep hearing his schedule is hard and sell now, but his only really hard matchup is week 13 aganist Sherman. He was one drop away from a 100 yard 2 td game against Talib. He still is getting chemistry when Wentz which is the top offense right now. I'm thinking he is a low end WR1 right now.

  5. 4 minutes ago, cowboy5xsbs said:

    I expect Blount to be the goalline back and Smallwood to take the third down passing back role.  That leaves ajayi with everything between the 20's I would assume.  

    Ajayi will be the 3rd down back, PFF has him much better at pass protection than Smallwood and we all know he is better in space.

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