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  1. Does he lose value with the Oladipo trade?
  2. Does his value increase in TOR? Hopefully he starts.
  3. My bet is on Vand. Less competition for minutes at the 4 in MIN. Naz will probably remain rosterable in 14-teams and up.
  4. He's definitely a drop after KAT comes back.
  5. They both have similar stats/skill-set and I have to cut one or both. Who do I drop? I'm in a 9cat league.
  6. Too early to panic. It would be concerning if this was mid-way through the season and the pelicans were out of the playoff picture with him losing minutes/starting role to NAW/Josh Hart. I don't see that happening anytime soon as he's too good of a player to drop in 12-teams and up. HOLD.
  7. What we thinking here guys? Does Oladipo out and LeVert in increase or decrease his value?
  8. I think he's going to have some heavy restrictions when he comes back and I'm sure they won't make the same mistake of playing him on B2Bs after reaggravating his injury last time. They also have Nance Jr playing well but I'm sure they also want someone to space the floor with Drummond so it's debatable how many minutes he'll have once he's up to speed. I have a feeling he won't be too useful this year but with the cavs this competitive, maybe I might be wrong.
  9. This guy was only meant to be a streamer in my 10 team when I picked him up for the b2b but kind of making a case here for me to hold onto him because he's starting even with JV healthy. Do you think he still performs this well even when JJJ comes back?
  10. So what are we thinking guys? Morris came back and he still played well. Kind of concerning with the minutes today but hopefully once Morris is fully up to speed, will he be able to maintain his production?
  11. Is he must pick-up in 12 teamers? Haven't really been watching much of him. Is he a lock to start if Fultz gets diagnosed with a season ending injury?
  12. Waiting for the update on his status to come out for this road trip BUT If MPJ, Wall, Cousins, and Eric Gordon is available 1 whole week after they first got COVID or some kind of contact tracing and Lauri isn't back or close to back by tomorrow, it just proves his injury is more serious than we thought. Bulls keeping us in the dark here.
  13. So hard to drop him in my 12-team as there's not many players better than Bagley on the waiver regardless how bad he's playing or shooting. I give him these next 3 games since it's a nice schedule.
  14. Looking real good with TJ Warren going down, thoughts?
  15. When KLove is injured, he's like that poop on the grass that everyone passes and ignores but deep down, you know it can be dam good fertilizer.
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