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  1. Mostert has one wheel that is flat. You really think hes gonna be doing much this week? He might end up getting towed off the field.
  2. This reminds me of the Carson/Hyde situation in Seattle.
  3. Coinciding with the guys AC joint injury against Seattle he has went down hill pretty quickly. I don't think he will be right until the off-season.
  4. I wouldn't trust him even if he was playing next week. Turf toe isn't a bruise.
  5. Ac joint injuries tend to linger for a while. [... [
  6. The over/under for the game went from 45 to 36.
  7. I wonder if the positive test could potentially derail his season because he has pre-existing health conditions with beating cancer.
  8. My opponent has Tyreek hill and I have diggs as well.
  9. I’m holding on the bench for now. Carson is a glass cannon.
  10. What a dud. As long as there is a 4 rb rotation including Lamar Jackson who has half the carries per game this will be a headache of a carousel. The only good I saw was dobbins was always in during the 2 minute offense they trust him enough for pass protection. I’m holding but he’s staying on the bench.
  11. Top two cornerbacks out for Seattle.
  12. I’m assuming he had a setback after making those hard cuts. Thus he didn’t do squat today and most likely out again for who knows how long.
  13. https://www.cbssports.com/fantasy/football/news/kalen-ballage-demoted-after-busy-week-9/ Ballage gets sent back to the practice squad because of Pope being healthy?
  14. FWIW https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/rashaad-penny-is-almost-back/ar-BB1aSXaf Penny needs to be stashed.
  15. He will need another week I think before he's back to full-time cow.
  16. He isn't playing this week (IMO). Fire up Super Mario GIO!
  17. https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/rashaad-penny-is-almost-back/ar-BB1aSXaf time to stash.
  18. [...] I will set it and forget it. He is the no.1 RZ target on this team.
  19. He will get 20 pts after his bye and the crowd will go wild! These forums are like stock pumping boards one day its to the moon next its over and he should benched. It's pretty comical to read on a week to week basis how these players are scrutinized.
  20. Lol Shanahan has done it again playing dead legs McKinnon.
  21. Reminds me of Phillip Lindsay he is a glass CANNON. But, I still picked him up for free on waivers.
  22. slobbing my dobbins every week from here on out!
  23. Dude is elevated to RB2 status next stop RB1.
  24. CEH is like playing a WR in the RB slot now with bell signing. Its going to be boom or bust every week for this guy complete headache. I own him in 3/4 leagues oh well. Maybe he starts booming next week.
  25. i wish this was like the nba trade deadline but it never is in the nfl.
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