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  1. McKinnon is garbage. He may be fast, he may be a SPARQ superstar, but that's all. He doesn't know how to play running back because he has no vision. He gets what's blocked, and no more.
  2. Martavis Bryant. Probably the most relevant example due to Big Ben slinging the rock to both.
  3. 12 team standard scoring. Sent off Odell and Stafford. Received Tyler Lockett in trade.
  4. I didn't know if this should go in here or the "Vent & Rant" thread, but I decided this was probably the best place for it. Because of COVID-19, my main league decided to do weekly payouts to the high scorer just in case the season is cut short. Going into tonight's game, the high scorer was yours truly, though I didn't like my chances very much because I only had a 2.46 point lead and 2nd place still had Marquise Brown. By the end of the game, Marquise Brown was limited to 1.3 points. I win! Or so I thought. Not so fast though. Out of nowhere, the current la
  5. Man. The Niners long snapper has a serious case of the yips.
  6. Mike Davis and Jerick McKinnon both cost 40% of FAAB this week. Devonta Freeman 36%, Darrell Henderson 35.7%. None of those backs called out to me, so I threw a dart at Dion Lewis. Got him for free.
  7. Yes. KC, Baltimore, and Pitt next week are floor games. As of today we still don't have any idea what his ceiling looks like.
  8. Nothing obvious. He walked to the locker room under his own power. Maybe he tweaked his knee. The Niners were already up 21-3. They're probably just don't want to risk Moster getting injured as well. They've already lost three starters today, and this game is well in hand, so why tempt fate?
  9. Dalvin Cook fell to me at 11 this year. I was ecstatic to land him, but given his injury history I thought it prudent to get Mattison. He was sniped a few picks before I intended to grab him. I took Tony Pollard instead. The dude who took Mattison had an early pick and went with Zeke. So we ended up with each other's handcuff. I'm sure he was planning on getting Pollard as well, but I obviously threw a wrench in his plans. After the draft he hit me up with an offer, Mattison for Pollard. I made the trade. I think Pollard has the higher ceiling, but it's offset by the greate
  10. I have him. He's riding the pine this week. Yes, his last couple of games were game winning. But since then, he's lost two of the best receivers in the game. No Evans, no Godwin, a fractured thumb? There comes a point when a player becomes to risky to play and IMO, this week was it. Of course I could be wrong and Winston may still end up being the right choice. It all depends on how Brees does tomorrow.
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