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  1. Cost themselves the game on that dumb second down play.
  2. Maddox's pass interference penalty was the best thing he has done all night.
  3. Guess the Pats jumped the gun trading Thomas. Now Gordon will only have to compete with Dorsett for outside looks.
  4. Horrible call on that penalty. That said, these announcers seem like they're announcing a funeral or golf match. A missed extra point and then game deciding penalty and there was zero excitement in the call. Awful.
  5. He actually looked pretty spry today though. I think he'll get more run as season progresses. But it's the Eagles, and Pederson loves to spread it around.
  6. 20 yard TD run called back on weak holding penalty.
  7. And a terrible call on the hold. Not a penalty.
  8. Looked it. Maybe a half yard or so behind Wentz if you drew the line from QB to sideline.
  9. You can still complain. Should have been more points. I hate when that stuff happens. Just bad luck.
  10. Went behind Wentz (backward pass). Just bad luck for Wentz owners.
  11. And no Gronk this year. So Josh is the RZ guy. Monster season incoming.
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