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  1. Started Zeke and chubb over Jamaal Williams and CJ anderson. Lost the championship
  2. Too risky right one. Have no idea who will get the carries. I picked up both though 😂 I'm probably gonna roll with jamaal or damien this week at flex
  3. Just show up in week 16 to bring home the gold for me and I won't care
  4. Thanks bro! My opponent this week has Sanders. Take back your voodoo on Elliott! Put it on Thielen or fournette please
  5. I'm holding 3 defenses for playoffs and I own the Bears D. I'm still wary of playing the bears this week and possibly next week
  6. Glad I traded for Cooper before he got dealt to Dallas. Have both him and Zeke
  7. I have a feeling once they can land a good WR Zeke will explode. Not Gurley like but he'll be much better than he is now
  8. 5th rounder for amari? Nah I'd say a 2nd or 3rd would do and maybe throw in someone
  9. I think you gotta start them if Mack plays. He'll be fired up at home and get after brady. Not many other options on the wire for me
  10. I'm starting them this week they might have a good game and it's in Chi-town. Excited to have them and Legatron
  11. I think Demaryius Thomas would be great for Dallas and Zeke of course
  12. I honestly think cooper is just not that great. I've had him before and he'll get 3 great games a year. Give me Jordy Nelson. Better receiver and better value
  13. Mike Davis, Cole, Mixon, Goodwin, and Olsen. Pick 1. I have Dede Westbrook starting along with fitz
  14. I feel ya dogg. I've been playing fantasy for 13 years. Lots of crazy things happen. Never know with fantasy football
  15. Wish they'd give diggs lots of screen passes since they never wanna throw deep. Diggs can out run the best of em
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