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  1. How do you guys think IT’s return will affect Lebron and IT? I have both and I think it could either slow down Lebron and IT will be like 80% of last year, OR Lebron’s assists can go up and IT will be an offensive monster on the Cavs. Really hoping it’s the latter.
  2. Honestly suprised no one has mention Anthony Davis or Payton. Has both those guys, plus Batum, and it’s been one frustrating season. Lesson learned: don’t draft AD, Batum, or Payton again. Sucks because these guys are beasts at fully health/potential.
  3. Depends- if you need points, then no. Otherwise, I'd do it. Green is almost a nightly triple double threat.
  4. Lavine coming back will hit Dunn's value. I'm a big fan of Rondo when he plays with big men- too successful of a track record in Boston and with Boogie in Sacramento. I'd keep him- he should pick it up big time over the next month or so (also Jrue Holiday is pretty injury prone)
  5. Gobert owner is frustrated, so I offered my Payton/ Warren for his Gobert + Brook Lopez. BroLo hasn't been doing great this season, and Payton/Warren both seem to be on an upward trajectory. Which side wins?? I don't mind waiting it out for Gobert to return in 2 weeks, so that's not a factor to consider for me. Thanks- please post your links.
  6. Just scooped him up in my league, fingers crossed!
  7. How low of a buy-low candidate is Conley? Are people getting 7-8th round picks or 5-6th? What's reasonable here?
  8. Bledsoe in a heartbeat. Offer might not be available after tonight's game so pull the trigger asap.
  9. I think it's an okay deal depending on who's in FA. Turner is good but definitely overrated. Millsap is definitely good, maybe just a step below Turner. Not a huge fan of Brook Lopez but does seem like you're giving up a bit much if there's nobody good left in FA. That said, Turner has a higher ceiling so if you're eager to pull the trade it's understandable.
  10. I like Beal too- do you think Offer 4 would be a stretch? Thoughts on that one as I'd like to upgrade the Warren position?
  11. Good question- sure thing. The key figures are the points for double doubles (+3.5pts+) and triple doubles (+7.5pts) Other stats: Pts: +0.50 pts FGM/FGA: +1/-0.45 FT: +0.5pts Assists: +2pts Rebounds: +1.5pts Steals/ Blocks/ 3s: +3pts TOs: -2pts PFs: -.075 Eject: -0.5pts DD: +3.5pts TD: +7.5pts
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