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  1. Howard and buffalo. Terrible TE options tho. I’m assuming you have Kittle. Yikes.
  2. 1/2 ppr. Should I trade Mixon for Ridley straight up? I have Drake, Conner, J. Robinson, and Gibson at RB. Need a little help at WR?
  3. I say wait a few weeks to see if geseki goes off. Adams might be the wr1 this year. You can always stream TE. Every year there is a top7 TE that comes off the waivers.
  4. Should I grab Robinson and drop Preston Williams? I’m a little thin at rb and very deep at wr. 10 team 1/2 ppr. Qb- big ben wr- Thielen, Kupp, Woods, aj green, crowder, d Jackson, sheppard, P Williams rb- Mixon, drake, Conner, A Gibson.
  5. Oh yes. Live this deal. I drafted burrow in a 1 we league (back up) but still. He could be huge. Fading Allen this year. 100% yes.
  6. Not ideal. I would go Jones and Shepard . Steelers are tough D but Jones has a higher ceiling in this game. And they will be down.
  7. Take it for sure. Without hesitation. There will always be an rb that steps up from the waiver wire. So bet big.
  8. Should I drop Preston Williams for josh Kelley? I have good wr depth. Looking for some rb depth. 10 team 1/2 ppr qb- Ben rb- Mixon, drake, Conner, Gibson wr- Thielen, Woods, Kupp, aj green, crowder, deebo, d Jackson, Shepard, P. Williams.
  9. i would go with jacobs here and its not close. The last few games, the raiders were torched and jacobs was scripted out. I think the raiders at home, will keep jacobs relevant. Singletary is playing the ravens. Enough said.
  10. Should’ve went with Rudolph the “red zone” reindeer. Anyway. I would go with snell and Chark.
  11. Winston A. Jones M. Sanders hopkins addams flex penny
  12. First round of the fantasy playoffs and having a tough TE decision. Start Rudolph Sunday with Thielen likely out, or wait until Monday night and play Engram who is questionable to play. I have maxed out my waiver moves for the week. Help. Thanks. 10 team 1/2 ppr
  13. I would go with Ellison. He saw a bunch of targets last time engram was out. And ya. I made the Brees deal. Thanks.
  14. Gesicki was already cliamed. And Olsen was the best of what was left. fournette is on bye. Thanks for the advice tho. Good luck.
  15. Pulled the trigger. Feel great about it too. Or maybe it’s the 6 craft beers. But I still like it. Thanks all and best of luck.
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