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  1. Drummond FT and TO are terrible too and he might not play until the trade deadline. If and when he gets traded, he might end up as a backup. Too much risk here. WB is pretty decent if you play H2H where you can punt a few cats. If you are in ROTO, then I wouldn't want to touch either.
  2. I would trade Murray for any of those guys you mentioned in a heartbeat but it is just not realistic. Even with the current hot streak, Murray is still under performing his ADP and people are only willing to give up players in the 40-60 range for him. For this kind of return, it is probably best to hold onto him for his huge upside and relatively safe floor.
  3. Who can you realistically trade for that has higher upside than Murray?
  4. I would take this offer before he pulls it. Lakers are going to be extremely careful with him which means random DNPs.
  5. Johnson, Boucher, Allen. If Drummond gets traded Allen will rocket
  6. This will be definitely a time share situation so the cavs can keep JA’s value down to sign him cheaper next year.
  7. This team is going to have more drama than Kobe & Shaq era. It will be fun to watch and I expect harden to finish top 10.
  8. They are running the offense exclusively thru jokic. I think Jamal is a lil butt hurt and unmotivated because of it.
  9. Wagner is the add for upside but I would lightly jog to grab him.
  10. They need to play ingles less. The guy looks more like an accountant than a baller.
  11. Neither but if I have to pick then TT. He will play more minutes on a playoff team. Celtics aren’t looking to develop players.
  12. Giannis and Simmons belong on the same team. I would offer wood and Ayton for giannis.
  13. Zion numbers will get better but he might be a drag in ft%
  14. Definitely not enough value for Zion and Bledsoe.
  15. Looks like Luke kennard is running the 2nd unit now. Might be beginning of the end for Lou. A trade might him though.
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