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  1. Is he bricking mostly contested shots tonight? This is getting so annoying
  2. Does this guy practice shooting? Ik everyone has slumps but my goodness... these bricks are getting ridiculous!
  3. The receiving yards leader for Washington right now has 17 yards 😑
  4. Quickly turning into one of my least favorite players. If all he's going to do is catch 2 yard slants from Ben next year and do TikTok dances I'm not going anywhere near him next year in redraft
  5. Fantasy stud. Good god I wished the Eagles turned to him earlier
  6. Haskins about to win this game. Seahawks are frauds
  7. This would be absolutely hilarious if the Seahawks find a way to lose to Haskins
  8. Yep. One of the (extremely) rare waiver wire pickups at TE that worked out this year. Only other guy I can think of is Tonyan
  9. That's brutal. Similar thing happened to me last year when I owned CMC, Godwin, Hooper, and lost to an owner starting Perriman and other waiver wire pickups. Same thing happened this year as I lead the league in scoring and will lose to MGIII, Carlos Hyde, and Matt ryan
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