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  1. Is he bricking mostly contested shots tonight? This is getting so annoying
  2. Does this guy practice shooting? Ik everyone has slumps but my goodness... these bricks are getting ridiculous!
  3. The receiving yards leader for Washington right now has 17 yards 😑
  4. Quickly turning into one of my least favorite players. If all he's going to do is catch 2 yard slants from Ben next year and do TikTok dances I'm not going anywhere near him next year in redraft
  5. Fantasy stud. Good god I wished the Eagles turned to him earlier
  6. Haskins about to win this game. Seahawks are frauds
  7. This would be absolutely hilarious if the Seahawks find a way to lose to Haskins
  8. Yep. One of the (extremely) rare waiver wire pickups at TE that worked out this year. Only other guy I can think of is Tonyan
  9. That's brutal. Similar thing happened to me last year when I owned CMC, Godwin, Hooper, and lost to an owner starting Perriman and other waiver wire pickups. Same thing happened this year as I lead the league in scoring and will lose to MGIII, Carlos Hyde, and Matt ryan
  10. Yeah just not a good day for most of the seahawks fantasy-relevant guys
  11. Of course hurst scores as soon as I drop him and my opponent desperation starts him. Matt ryan torching this overrated defense
  12. Going up against Diggs, waller, allen, and gordon has sucked. 🤦‍♂️ Always next year I suppose.
  13. Yeah with MT out now he should see a viable amount of targets. Obviously Brees could still check down to Kamara 20 times but at some point the Chiefs D will force him to air it out
  14. I have no choice but to start to him, which is meh. The Texans are a complete joke of a team right now and I suspect both Watson and DJ's production will plummet over these last few weeks with nothing to play for
  15. Gets the jags defense next, pretty much anyone with volume this year has produced against them. Been looking for a replacement for fuller, as long as he's not dropping the ball and Minshew keeps the game somewhat close I think he should be able to put up WR2 stats
  16. Yeah with these losses racking up not looking good here. Hopefully there's an update on his progression coming soon.
  17. Dropping. Hard to see him staying healthy for a full season the rest of his career. Wouldn't be surprised if he retired. Wonder how far his ADP will drop given all of these terrible performances he's racking up
  18. Metcalf rolled his ankle on Seattle's first drive, getting some attention from trainers on sideline
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