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  1. Seriously, what's with both of them having 9 TO games? I think the system is flawed. I can expect 9 TOs from a dominant scorer who asks for the ball alot or a primary point guard, but both him and Roby are F/C, wtf????
  2. You might wait for Andre, but Andre aint waiting for you. He will tank I mean help us win all of our teams before we even know it.
  3. He rarely sits in b2b dude, obviously you haven't owned Latvian laser doodoo this season. He either wins you some or he will stain your team with crap.
  4. Put some herbal medicine mixed with his magical unibrow and patch it up in a room with candle lights for spiritual healing or something.
  5. You're suppose to pour one out, not toast and drink it. **Pour some on the ground for the homies.
  6. Da man here has a long cock and I have no doubt about it. #nohomo
  7. This kid is far from done. He just needs some time to warm up. Will number decrease a bit, sure when DeAngelo returns. But he is still the garbage time king and will get you those 3s and points.
  8. Foos toe nail came off. Any foot doctors or freakish foot fetish folks here know how long that heals?
  9. Big bear been hibernating eating his Twinkies while letting that in-grown toenail take over his paws. #BigbabyII
  10. Helloooooo~ is it the 13pts... youuuu are looking forrrrrr????? I can see iiiiiit in your eyeeeeeeeesss
  11. This guy should get the name DrayBear not because he's big but also because he enjoys hibernation.
  12. With the help of a psychologist in the locker room, the guy also came back emotionally stronger, in 10 mins.
  13. Only way to win this is if Gafforf gets a hold of Rolo's nudes. Or his twin BroLo's will do too.
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