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  1. Da f is wrong with Lakers? Trying to save his energy for playoffs? Guy is a beast and they play his minutes like he Caruso year 1.
  2. I didn’t draft Lamarcus but this is some Monday morning quarterbacking. “Upside” has many elements underneath it- age, minutes in play, etc. Tons of players on the bench right now has the “upside” but don’t have the minutes to put up. You got another example of your draft where you took upside over veteran?
  3. We can both agree that your list sucks. Let's leave it at that.
  4. I know. Patty Mills maybe, but Drob on waiver wire list? Wow, different league.
  5. KPJ - 1.6 threes per game Mo Wagner- 0.7 (as a starter) tomas Satoransky- 0.9 (huh? guy rarely shoots threes) Shake Milton- 1.1 Jeff Greeb- 1.5 That's 5 no's. Bertans is capable of 4 per although he's only at 3.0 right now.
  6. Sup with this hybernating big poosy that we all drafted mistakenly?
  7. 8 shot attempts per game can't kill a team's FG in a single week. He is a specialist like many other players are, not suitable for every team. In h2h, along with the right complement of players, can win your 3ptm by the 3rd day of the week.
  8. Like all diahrea pain, it goes away shortly after some laser-ish doodoo is out of the way. So, no.
  9. At this rate he is beyond garbage bro. He is a pile of big laser-ish diahrea.
  10. 8 day rest and now need game time off to get more rest. This is how the league is run today folks, get paid millions and sit on the sidelines. Where is the fighting spirit?
  11. To me this guy is a perfect Ben Gordon/Lou Will type. Give him the ball and let his shots take over. Not like the Bulls have a deep bench.
  12. No that’s the yomama’s a$$ is about to get dropped thread.
  13. Richaun Holmes hasn't played the last two and yes, he did move to C the last two games. Expect Holmes to be back soon though, he was pulled last second after warm up pre-game in Sac's latest game.
  14. Get out of here! Your presence isn’t worthy in this thread!!!
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