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  1. Lol this is just the hard hitting passive aggressive fantasy insight I needed to make me feel better about feeling s---y about just that - fantasy. Sell if you don't want a headache and think you can get a good deal. Hold if you believe in the dude that made huge leaps in his overall game last season, is part of a better team this season, and won many people their fantasy leagues last year (including my dumb as s--- best friend who'll never let me forget about it).
  2. f--- my life. Gary Harris DEN SG 2m ago Questionable Wednesday @ORL (hip/groin) Dr. Malone said it was a groin injury and not a hip injury. He also said he recent ankle injury was an Achilles injury, so take that for what it's worth
  3. Why isn't he playing tomorrow, any particular injury? Goddamn, I was laughing at the start of the season when I traded Gallinari for this dude (still think Galli will get injured) but now I'm feeling betrayed by OPJ
  4. Hey guys, Just finished my NBA draft, 12 Team snake draft, 9 Cat league H2H format. Here's my team, let me know what you think! Oh and I had the 2nd overall pick in the draft (AD was 1st pick). 1st Round - James Harden 2nd Round - Kevin Love 3rd Round - Rudy Gobert 4th Round - Gary Harris 5th Round - Jayson Tatum 6th Round - Hassan Whiteside 7th Round - Danilo Gallinari 8th Round - Trae Young 9th Round - Darren Collison 10th Round - Jeremy Lamb 11th Round - Malcolm Brogdon 12th Round - Dewayne Dedmond 13th
  5. I loved the overall new design, but not being able to compare in the simple way we used to be able to just straight up blows lol...thanks for the replies guys!
  6. Guys, did ESPN remove the compare players option? Or am I just not seeing it...
  7. You guys reckon he'll rack up the assists as starting PG for the hawks? Haven't watched much of him playing
  8. In 8th place 10 team H2H, been plagued with injuries this entire season but played the waiver well to get some trades going to get to the team i am at (in sig). Unfortunately, still quite unlucky and haven't been performing well, also the latest kawhi news is killer. So I decided to go balls to the wall and try a trade, which was just accepted: My kawhi/wall/booker/drummond/Myles turner for his KD/kyrie/Gordon/barnes. I felt like i gave up a lot, but interested as to what you guys think so lmk. WHIR of course
  9. Booker gets Buckets. says it all thank god hes back
  10. dude has been laying bricks since he came back and still salvages 2nd round value
  11. im so fkn sad that i traded this kid for Markkanen kids bball iq is amazing
  12. lol i dont understand posts like these... if the dude was asking for your dipo and wall then id be hesitant but theres no doubt that kawhi ends up top 10 or 5 if he continues improving like he has every season.. and if you get another player too like dunn or teague man thats just so bloody veto worthy its not even funny lol
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