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  1. 2.0 steals, 0.5 3ptm, plus sky high FT/FTA on 20/8/8 and 1.5 TO are key imho. Without maintaining those numbers he won’t crack top 10.
  2. Wow lol. Empty thread. This guy just had 3 triple doubles in a row with some decent %s and steals 👀
  3. Out again tomorrow, going beyond the 2 game timeline. F him.
  4. Fingers crossed Beal sits out one of the B2Bs 🤑
  5. 2 steals + 3 blocks. 5 defensive stats. This is worth more than a 20pt 8reb game. These are elite defensive numbers for fantasy purposes and have a ton of value. Don’t put so much weight into counting stats (pts reb ast). There are other categories to play.
  6. You do know that 5 defensive stats is a huge line for anyone right? Lol.
  7. No love after a 30/10/10/2stl game. That’s how you know this dude is good. 15th per game on Yahoo and 17th on BBM at the moment. Averaging ridiculous numbers the past two weeks.
  8. Yep. Sorry, I’m in a competitive weekly and I’m already thinking ahead. Streamers go very quickly. Picked him up for the week after this one. “Lol.” So funny, haha! Not. You think you slick but you ain’t 🙂
  9. Picked him up for his 5-game week next week. The averages say Rui’s 5-game value is like Sabonis in a 3-game week. Why not 🤷🏻‍♂️ Insta drop after most likely.
  10. Lol right? 3-4 stocks a night will be well worth rostering. People put too much weight on counting stats, man.
  11. Just trust the data y’all. Gallo at 30mpg has a top 80 floor and top 50 ceiling. That’s based on 300 games of historical data.
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