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  1. I'm on board with thinking Johnson can sustain top 20 pace and go into next season at the same ranking, seems like a great keeper target to me. Mods can remove if this is AC talk- just traded for him in a keeper (200 cap, +5/yr). Traded Locket ($27) for Johnson ($3) and John Brown ($2). I'm 0-2 and playing for next year.
  2. Jaylen Samuels was the main guy for a few games to end 2018 but waaayyy far from being a league winner. It was thought he could be when he was about to be the starter, especially with the dual position tag some place. But his last four games in 2018 were: @ OAK 11/28/0 rushing, 7/64/0 receiving -- 9.2 standard and 16.2 ppr vs NE 19/142/0 rushing, 2/30/0 receiving -- 17.2 standard and 19.2 ppr @ NO 12/53/0 rushing, 3/11/1 receiving -- 12.4 standard and 15.4 ppr vs CIN 2/2/0 rushing, 7/40/0 receiving -- 4.2 standard and 11.2 ppr Fine plug in for ppr,up and
  3. Agreed. Wentz trusts Ertz (see past three years of targets). If Ertz is open he'll get the ball as usual. Wentz isn't gonna see Ertz open and think "hmm he did drop one ball in a clutch situation recently maybe I should find my next read." I guess a drop could affect the way plays are called involving Ertz, but again don't think one drop changes anything. Obviously fumbles affect carries, but I can't think of a time a proven receiver got demoted for even several drops let alone one.
  4. Ahh there it is, one of these hottest takes I come to roto forums to find!
  5. I drafted him as a top 10 WR and I'm ok with him being a wr2. There's different rankings philosophies and some guys have enough of a floor to warrant being ranked higher. Some guys will finish above him in given weeks or in season long, but either had more risk built in at the draft or have more volatility week to week. A guy who finishes each week as the WR15 could feel like a poor return on draft capital but it just depends on team makeup and what you expected. When drafting I figured guys like JuJu or AJ Brown had a higher ceiling than Robinson, but liked Robinson to have a safer floor
  6. Ahh ok ty. Didn’t think to inventory all his targets til the game ended and I was impressed enough to try thinking through em all. Thanks for pointing it out
  7. High target share and high catch rate. Only two targets not caught were deep balls that looked uncatchable, and as others said he was badly underthrown on what would’ve been an easy TD. Got several short targets and a few deep. And all this in a game with just 30 pass aattempts? Wish I had Fuller everywhere. If this keeps up he’s a top 10 WR easily. Of course health is a concern but I’m still gonna be trying to buy.
  8. He was saying it as a good thing, ie "Look at how much he's capable of in a single half, even one bad half can't keep him down."
  9. It was really a terrible try, too. He didn't get high enough, jumped wayyy to early and just plunged into the guy. Actually kinda reminded me of when AB jump kicked that guy.
  10. Led the team in targets. Only got to see a few minutes of this game, so not sure why they weren't connecting. Like you said I thought this was gonna be a nice game for Brown
  11. half ppr need 14.2+ from Duke. TD probably makes or breaks it.
  12. Ok. I get it. It's preseason. Everyone looks great....but he looked great last night. Fast, agile, athletic, and big enough to be durable. Given how much Baltimore wants to run this year, both Ingram and someone should have value this year, making Hill a late round guy I'll be targeting.
  13. For what it's worth, YPA is yards gained / pass attempts. Incompletions don't count. eg Eli's career is 55,981 yards / 7,972 attempts = 7.0 YPA (https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/M/MannEl00.htm)
  14. Mahomes average was up after Hunt's last game in week 10 (weeks 11 and 13 were big games): Mahomes average weeks 1-10 (6 pt pass TD): 32.58 Mahomes average weeks 1-10 (4 pt pass TD): 26.38 Mahomes average weeks 11-16, after Hunt was out (6 pt pass TD): 33.99 Mahomes average weeks 11-16, after Hunt was out (4 pt pass TD): 27.19
  15. 12 team 0.5ppr keeper. next year keeper prices given ($200 budget) Sent: Jay Ajayi ($28) + Marvin Jones ($33) Received: Jordan Howard ($53)
  16. Going into last night I had Wentz + Elliott + 2 points vs his Agholor, in a matchup where winner made the playoffs. Wentz threw one TD (to Agholor), and Agholor has his by far best game of the year. Wtf. Eagles picked the wrong night to be terrible in the worst way.
  17. I picked up Jones a few weeks ago, having traded Tate away. Then did a package deal that included getting Tate back. Now every week I'm debating which to start, usually picking wrong, and the one time I started both (vs CLE) Tate did great and Jones got locked down. Now at BAL this week, in a if-I-win-make-playoffs-lose-don't-make-playoffs matchup, don't know what to do. That said, it's only a question because I luckily have three nice RB options. Getting out of CSB mode, this week I'd put both Jones and Tate in the WR20 range, basically guessing that one finishes slightly higher a
  18. Diggs went in the 5th, lower than some (read: us Maryland fans) expected. I saw Anderson as a high upside flyer going into this year's draft, and counted it a big miss after 2 weeks. Past 6 weeks I don't know what's changed, but he's been playing very well in real life and, obviously, for fantasy. Makes both routine and athletic plays. Until/if/when he gets shut down a week or two, schedule isn't scary enough to bench this guy ros.
  19. Jones has been the "number one" since being brought in last year. Injuries has made him inconsistent. Just comes down to semantics at some point, but Jones is the top guy outside and Tate a slot receiver. But if you mean number one fantasy receiver, then I'd still rather have Tate, though ofc both should be owned and Jones often easy to start too.
  20. You might be underestimating the importance of pass pro. I agree Hunt's way better than West, but in a 2 minute drill where every play is a pass, if Hunt whiffs on a block then it's a lost play altogether, and lost time on the clock. Coach is always going to put the more effective blocking back in the game in that situation; until Hunt shows the coaches he's just as viable there then he'll continue to come out for those series.
  21. Nobody has any clue, depends entirely on the rest of your team. Best for AC forum either way
  22. Droppable. I'm still holding everywhere I have him, because the potential is still there, but so far unrealized potential is all we have. Yes, lots of almosts, plenty targets, undeniable talent, but all that amounts to is potential. No free agents in my leagues have the same potential, so I'm holding, but especially in redrafts he's on short list if a must-add player comes along. Again, just saying he's droppable, not a must drop, and I have him everywhere I could get him.
  23. Watson (12 weeks 4-6), Wentz (11 weeks 5-7), Brady (10 weeks 2-4) have 3-game stretches with 10+ TDs But to your other point, if Rodgers gets healthy, top 2 QB for me, Brady other top 2. Though Wilson, Prescott, Wentz, Brees not at all far behind.
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