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  1. I picked up Isaac with my last add of the week in my playoff matchup and he got injured. Noel was the other option I was considering. This would've pissed me off even more! I feel for ya, fellas.
  2. Damn that sucks. (I used my last add for the week on him and I'm losing a tight playoff matchup; welp).
  3. Revenge is a dish best served in the (fantasy) playoffs!
  4. As per my post above, I was expecting a lot worse (would've bet on him shooting .367 rather than .467) so I'll take it!
  5. Picked him up. Yes, his numbers will probably drop off when Whiteside returns but who knows when that'll be. It's the playoffs, baby! Ride him while he's hot!
  6. This. Considering his first game back is versus the Raptors (who will be fuming after having their 11 game streak snapped, and are a great defensive team regardless), I probably wouldn't plug him back in right away...
  7. 2 great games in a row. Are we thinking he's back for real this time? Or just another injury-induced mirage again? (4 games for MIA next week BTW).
  8. Random Rick Carlisle minute allocation + tough, tough, tough matchups (Brow, Stifle Tower + Howard) next week have me hesitating to pick him up again...
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