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  1. I’d let SGA sleep with my wife and I’m not even married
  2. Jk I’m not worried, hope he’s lying in a ditch somewhere
  3. Yo has anyone heard from Kemba? I’m worried, he had a game last night but didn’t show up 😔
  4. Some guy named Kemba Walker had 2 points? Must be a G League call up
  5. Kristaps Porzingis is the second best player from a country with 2 pro basketball players
  6. Dude is burying me this week, no way I’m winning 3s. Wish he’d frig off back to his pot of gold
  7. Streamed Jabari Parker because I needed points, his 0/1 in 14 minutes was so bad that I ripped him a new one on Twitter. I hope Jimmy B never plays him again
  8. The Lakers start to win so every dude on that team bangs a Kardashian, except for Javale Mcgee
  9. they definitely could, but itd be a mess. nobody else would see the rock, except for stevo inhaling every shot they miss
  10. AND Boogie, GS isnt going anywhere for a while. You can never count out lebron, if you didnt know that before he made sure you knew it last season. all im saying is i dont see them doing much after the regular season ends, if theyre even still playing. ive argued with enough lakers fans that think theyre gonna be raising a banner in 11 months, ive had to dumb down my arguments for them
  11. btw i thought you were sayin they could average 50 points and 20 assists, which they probably could in a perfect world with no PG hoggin shots
  12. Then my prediction was wrong??? Im not saying its an absolute fact that they struggle, im not sitting in front of a crystal ball. But even if he gets everyone working, no ones ego is bruised, and everything is clicking 100% as well as it can with the roster they have, the best i see is a top 4 finish in the west and losing to the warriors in the wcf
  13. I honestly wouldnt be surprised if they set the record for worst fg% for a team that makes the playoffs. If they dont they've got Steven Adams to thank
  14. you talkin 20 turnovers and 50 bricks right? bc schroeder got 19 pts and 6 dimes as the top dog on his team, i dont see russ averaging 31 and 14
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