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  1. Inconsistent wouldn't bet on him doing good every game with him and Rondo sucking hard almost every 2nd game.
  2. That's straight wrong- Rondo stagnates the Laker offense and makes them lose leads.
  3. Drafted him 2nd round idk why you'd draft him 1st round smh...
  4. No you drop them for drose cause of nights like this; and the nostalgia factor of course.
  5. why? Don't you have anyone else on your roster replaceable?
  6. Going to try and buy him low in a package deal he's bound to heat up and if Butler leaves boom he'll be fine.
  7. Got Cedi from the WW is pretty interchangeable. If you drafted him though probs hold for timebeing, although if he has a 3rd dud game in a row bit sus.
  8. Cheers already got sufficient 3/D players and sitting like 2nd in league so just may play risky and pick up Issac.
  9. Got Jerami Grant, Josh Jackson, Eric Gordon, Danny Green, Issac on ww. Should i drop cedi?
  10. Steal a boss minimal if any loss in value; may actually pick up with LBJ and shooters.
  11. Dropped him for Green and then for McGee but he's still good for stocks.
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