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  1. another thing, bledsoe is shooting it pretty bad, but he's historically been a solid shooter in the past.
  2. kemp was a high fly act who relied on athleticism .. nurkic is a back to the basket big who needs to pound down low. duno what he was thinking losing mass when that was a big advantage of his.
  3. ill be watching too...i wouldn't be surprised if he beasts nor would i be if he struggles. remember, this is the first 17 games of his career. the greek freak looked non-existent when he started out (another player who can't shoot), and look at him now. these things can take time, but it's obvious when the potential is there.
  4. what does height even have anything to do with this? at this point, you're grasping at straws. lonzo does full court passes at least 3-4 times a game...it's literally his main weapon. thats how i know you dont watch games. maybe you saw 1 or 2 of his poor performances, but no way you've actually seen him when he's on based on the things you are saying in this thread.
  5. fantasy basketball has caused people to think malcolm brogdon is better than eric bledsoe .. what a world we live in
  6. my point is that rondo in his prime was one of the top point guards in the nba ..... a lot of great passers weren't great rebounders, so i duno what u trying to get at there. his court vision is excellent, do you even watch laker games? even if you're only reading box scores, check the assist to turnover ratio.
  7. i agree with you here, i wouldn't roster smart
  8. do you even watch the games? he's a great rebounder. he actively chases down every missed shot.. at this point, you are hating just to hate. his passes and court vision are obviously great too, don't know how anyone can deny that with a straight face. even if he never averages 15, which he probably will, he affects the game in so many other ways that it doesn't even matter .. rondo never averaged 15 and was an allstar in 4 consecutive seasons.
  9. basketball is played on 2 ends .. marcus smart is a great defender. you wouldn't call steve nash trash because he was a terrible defender, would you?
  10. he's done everything good outside of shoot the basketball. and he's trash? lol. you're going to feel pretty stupid in a couple of years when this thread gets bumped, buddy.
  11. you figured the shots would stop falling at that clip .. i guess we just got a little greedy
  12. beasting lately .. if he keeps this up, he could he approaching top 30. had to trade him along with kanter for kawhi, but i'm almost starting to regret it.
  13. he's been beastly as of late .. originally picked up as a streamer but i'm not dropping
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