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  1. Starting to doubt keeping him in my lineup tonight. Might pivot to Aiyuk instead.
  2. Thread title says it all. Not too sure about Woods if Gilmore is covering. Thoughts?
  3. Need to start one of Gallman vs Sea, Drake vs. LA or Aiyuk vs Buff for my last Flex spot.
  4. Need one for my flex play today. Have some doubts on both with Mostert coming back from injury and also with the Dolphins getting way out in front of the Jets and Parker may be out of the game plan late. Thoughts?
  5. TJ Hockenson or Dallas Goedert?
  6. If 8 weeks then Yes. I mean at that point SF might not have anything to play for so why even bring him back this season. I think it depends on how big of a bench you have and how many other injured players you might have.
  7. Tough call...both look slow and old when they have the ball. I think the longer Drake is out the more Edmunds has a chance to show he is the better back on the team and demand more of the workload. Bell is of course on the better team, but there are a lot of mouths to feed there. CEH looks much more dynamic although think its more of a 50-50 split going forward and they didn't sign Bell to sit on the bench. All things considered, I would probably lean Bell for the simple fact its the Chiefs offense. Kyler Murray also cuts into the opportunities for the backs in Arizona.
  8. The title says it, who would you rather have ROS?
  9. Like many, I was one who lost Dak for the season yesterday now in need of a replacement. Trying to avoid a trade, who would you rather have ROS between the two?
  10. KC has decent pass defense but curious others thoughts?
  11. Daks injury concerns me a bit but also has the weaker matchup. I figure Ten will be playing from behind most of the game so def throwing with Henry not expected to suit up. What’s the play here?
  12. Mostert plays in 4 hours which further complicates the matter.
  13. This is such a risky play that could for some win your league or lose it. Wouldn’t be a huge deal if it wasn’t the very last game of the week. I have both Mattison and Boone stashed but if both active there could be so many different outcomes.
  14. I don’t think there is a chance Mattison plays either but lose all fallback options considering it’s a Mon night game. For some this could be the decision which decides SB Champion vs runner up.
  15. I was all aboard the Boone train but clarity of that whole situation unfortunately might not come until later than I am willing to risk considering they are Monday night. With Mattison “trending the right way” we might be in a timeshare between Boone/Mattison. The safer play might be at this point Mostert.
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