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  1. Appreciate the help! My team set up is: G: SGA, Derrick White, Ja Morant, Jaylen Brown F: MPJ, Mikal Bridges, Thad Young, PJ Washington, Clarke Center: AD, Boucher, Boogie, Ayton, Nurk (IR)
  2. You'd be dropping...Duncan? I'm wary of the FG% dip, you're giving up a lot there for steals. Think it's a strong offer, I'm leaning accept but if you believe in Ayton then hold Help with mine?
  3. I think so, you're very big man heavy so might need help in other cats more than just blocks. Not sure I believe Poeltl will hold as a 25-30 min guy and if he's not there, don't think he's a 10T must hold. I wouldn't say 100% drop but just giving an opinion. Good luck!
  4. I'd prob look at Josh Jackson/Lamb as priority fliers then Bledsoe/Zeller/Bazley. Honestly in a 10 team though, streaming would give you more value Help w/ mine?
  5. Post your threads and I'll help in return! Two trades: 1. AD+Morant for Jokic+Huerter/Curry 2. MPJ+Boucher+Mikal Bridges for Jrue+Holmes+Naz Reid. Thoughts?
  6. Monstrous. Top 60 value for at least 4 weeks let's go
  7. Leaning Cole Anthony, Burks is back soon for Knicks. Help with mine?
  8. I'm trying to hold firm and ask for 2 for 1, the other party wants me to include Alec Burks. Thoughts on either trade? WHIR
  9. Those with IR spot(s)...holding despite COVID season right? I have two and pretty sure I don't want him to hit the waiver Correct me if I'm wrong but eight to ten weeks pins a return around mid-late March (optimistically) with at least one, best case scenario two months left of regular season no (NBA schedule plans for last day of reg season to be May 16th I think)? If we see the regular season postponed for a bit, Nurk might come back with even more games to be played
  10. Reddish is undoubtedly the better player IRL and as a long term winning piece in the league...fantasy wise Jackson might have a easier way to more consistent production this year. If the Hawks move one or more of their wings through a trade though, phew, Cam might go crazy. I personally would prefer the home run ball in Reddish (even if no trades happen he's solid as a end of bench) but can't blame anyone for going the other way
  11. For those in FAAB leagues, how much are we bidding for Boucher out of 100? Will 10 get the job done?
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