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  1. Quick question for folks who play on ESPN. I put in a claim today while Porzingis still had the O tag. Now it's removed but my claim is still in place. Question is, can I update the bid amount without causing the claim to be cancelled?
  2. That's a pretty good observation, I hope he's active!
  3. Are we expecting him to sit on the 2nd half of B2B?
  4. This time he may be here to stay — those that need stocks need to grab before it's too late!
  5. Didn't know where to post, please remove if needed but anyone have news on this...in a FAAB league with acquisition limits. Would like to know if CHI adds are even worth it.
  6. Anyone know how to best reach ESPN to give the O tag immediately? I swear if I can't pick up Whiteside because of this...
  7. Anyone have news? Might drop to stream...
  8. Def worth a shot if you have a roster spot — could be an elite guard for defensive stats if given 28-30 a night
  9. Reminding everyone what he can do as a 1st/2nd option...wow
  10. Let's give a shoutout to the young goat with a MONSTER line. That behind the back to drop PG was filthy
  11. Check again mate, it was actually 4 blocks and 2 steals...was the only Kings starter playing basketball that didn't make you want to gouge your eyes out
  12. Never bet against a good player trying to get paid 🤫
  13. Dropped Barton for him to win steals so can't complain but man, it's baffling how he doesn't have a 25 min role night in and night out
  14. Any word on ankle? He'll be good to go after the break right?
  15. Appreciate the help! My team set up is: G: SGA, Derrick White, Ja Morant, Jaylen Brown F: MPJ, Mikal Bridges, Thad Young, PJ Washington, Clarke Center: AD, Boucher, Boogie, Ayton, Nurk (IR)
  16. You'd be dropping...Duncan? I'm wary of the FG% dip, you're giving up a lot there for steals. Think it's a strong offer, I'm leaning accept but if you believe in Ayton then hold Help with mine?
  17. I think so, you're very big man heavy so might need help in other cats more than just blocks. Not sure I believe Poeltl will hold as a 25-30 min guy and if he's not there, don't think he's a 10T must hold. I wouldn't say 100% drop but just giving an opinion. Good luck!
  18. I'd prob look at Josh Jackson/Lamb as priority fliers then Bledsoe/Zeller/Bazley. Honestly in a 10 team though, streaming would give you more value Help w/ mine?
  19. Post your threads and I'll help in return! Two trades: 1. AD+Morant for Jokic+Huerter/Curry 2. MPJ+Boucher+Mikal Bridges for Jrue+Holmes+Naz Reid. Thoughts?
  20. Monstrous. Top 60 value for at least 4 weeks let's go
  21. Leaning Cole Anthony, Burks is back soon for Knicks. Help with mine?
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