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  1. Marcus Morris, Dejounte or Devonte prob. At the moment at least, Luka is returning high end first round value so
  2. I've got a couple trade scenarios on the table Embiid straight up for Dame OR Embiid for PG // Embiid+Lavine for PG and Lowry. What would you guys do? Trade for one of the 3 packages or stand pat?
  3. Not that familiar with points leagues but Hayward (if you can afford to stash), Wiggins (never thought I'd say that), and Bojan seem to be acquirable targets that might help. Help with mine?
  4. Title. Embiid has just stated he will play the B2B this week so he might be trending up. Have offer of Dame. Would you guys take it or no?
  5. I think once Boylen realizes his 3 guard lineups are trash they'll revert to the Lavine system that won them a ton of games to end last year. Sato's ceiling is super limited, probably wouldn't target him in any trade. Someone like Devonte Graham would intrigue me more
  6. I'd hold in your case. The return's just not enough for your build
  7. Curious as to how people view their worth in a 12 team H2H league. Having one less roster spot for 1/3 of the season sucks but their production when back will return great value. What caliber of players would you offer?
  8. I'm considering a transition to punting blocks. Trade Embiid+Bam+Lavine for Dame+Sabonis+Horford. Thoughts?
  9. Hard to stomach holding in a 12T but man the upside is always there...
  10. Because it's Dillon not Dillion, and certainly not MarShon. Mods @thezing1 please merge all existing threads, I think there might be 2 out there. He's looked good thus far in the young season and seems to have the starting spot locked down. Steals are a nice surprise and hopefully he can keep them up. We'll hopefully get a better read with the upcoming back to back.
  11. Passes the eye test more than established guys like Taurean Prince lol. At least when he misses you don't want to hide your face
  12. This shouldn't be a question. Add Collins and hold on
  13. I'd make the move. I think Herro's production will be replaceable on the wire with Miami's rotations. Ride the train with Parker for now Help with mine?
  14. This is a pretty easy yes for me. Utah is too spaced out talent wise and Ingles has been not great off the bench. Help with mine?
  15. Think I'd cut Bruce for Parker although both assets seem to have an expiry date...that being said, I think Parker's a fantastic offensive talent and has a chance of sticking. Bruce on the other hand won't contribute much when Rose/BG are back Help?
  16. Personally think Rubio has found a good system for him and like him more than Levert this year. Help?
  17. Both are fringe 6th/7th men talent on semi-crowded rosters. Personally would go with Barton.
  18. I'd stay put for now. Smart or Holmes (I personally don't think the Kings can get away with playing him with Bagley when he returns -- neither can shoot) if you want to board the hype train early. I think that Smart's underrated that he contributes all across the board without wowing you. Help?
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