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  1. Oh, and I want to hold Jabari for streaming for the short term...and I think there's an decent chance he's a mainstay in the rotation
  2. Team in signature (If there's another drop suggestion). I know some will suggest ditching Gasol but I think his minutes are more secure and he should be able to be better than he has been thus far. As for Nance, he clearly can produce if featured but the transition to PF has been pretty poor and his team has been doing fine without him. I'd hate to hold him only to have Love/TT stay centerpieces the whole season. Thoughts? Also, what do people think of Brandon Clarke's role and minutes with JJJ there and JV's minute restriction being lifted?
  3. By my evaluation, Ayton is a locked in top 35-40 asset with more upside (Great %s, solid pts/rebs). JJJ really hasn't looked too impressive in the early going. If your team can withstand the ~20 games Ayton's out and keep afloat, I'd personally pull the trigger.
  4. Very constructive and clearly laid out. Appreciate your input bro
  5. Collins would be enticing. JJJ is fair-ish if his injury's not serious. Nunn is kind of an insulting offer haha
  6. I think I'd lean accept. Two top 40-60 assets for a top 20 should be worth it. Help with mine?
  7. I'd do it in a heartbeat for either of those guys + Isaac. Help with mine?
  8. Yeah..that's what's a bit concerning. There also seems to be little info on the shoulder procedure PG did
  9. PG's not exactly a bill of health either but noted. Thanks!
  10. They're in the same situation as PGs without a definite, defined role. (Delon moved to the bench, Sato and the PG jam in CHI) I'd do it if you want more upside with assists but Delon's a solid steals player while Sato definitely isn't. Help in return?
  11. I really think Lavine/Roco can be better than they've been thus far but PG is a pretty intriguing asset. Thoughts?
  12. Lavine won a jump ball off a tie up but the supposed steal wasn't credited...is there a way to inform ESPN/Yahoo
  13. Nah fam, don't roster him anywhere. Literally clicked out of curiosity to see if there's a rough timetable for return. Just real tired of the mindless questions in so many threads
  14. Self-delusional people like you are both sad and hilarious. Quite convenient to say 3 weeks huh. Guess we're sooooo lucky it's up to 2 weeks with the Hawks practicing caution.
  15. It's a place for constructive discussion, not for fear mongering and ignorant speculation. People like you make these forums a lot less useful...too many reactionary monkeys
  16. We got some clowns up in here lmfao. Stop being armchair doctors if you're ignorant people
  17. I dont even have Conley but no one gives a flying f--- about you
  18. People really out here trippin' bout OG Anunoby instead of talking bout this monster line. Shoutout to Jojo, shimmy on em
  19. He's not really a winning basketball player but the minutes and opportunity are huge...
  20. This kid's way too good to be left on the wire...can swing stls/blks if you have an already solid team
  21. Solid high IQ PG who showed fantasy relevance towards the end of last season. Mavs camp are raving about his offseason improvement and overtook Delon Wright in just the second game of the year as the starting guard (although Wright went on to post a great game). Might be worth a look in 12team+
  22. Some truth, but plenty of terrible takes on here throughout the season. People are generally pretty bad at not being prisoners of the moment whenever that is
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