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  1. Now that I look at it, the pass @2:25 and poor misses at the end of the 3rd probably got him pulled. Otherwise he might've seen the court in the fourth... The yearly headache at the beginning of fantasy basketball seasons - to wait (and trust the eye test/coach) or not to wait 🤔
  2. Missed the shots he hit all pre-season today...hate that Gentry kept a short lease and cut his minutes short though. Gonna be tough not making moves early in the season but I might have to give him a little more time
  3. I'm lower on Collins than most so I'd lean accept
  4. $53 Joel Embiid $38 Kyrie Irving $30 Trae Young $25 Nikola Vucevic $18 Zach Lavine $16 Lord Covington $8 Bam Adebayo $3 TJ Warren $3 Larry Nance Jr. $2 Marcus Smart $2 Kevin Huerter FA Taurean Prince Stream/Flyer Spot I didn't plan on drafting my top 4 guys but think they were relative steals at those price points. Saved up my remaining budget mid-auction and was able to wait out others to get Bam at $8. Think I'm in a good position right now, but not sure what direction to take with this team - it seems well balanced with no obvious punts. Thoughts?
  5. He shot his FTs @ 80% in Euroleague and has fantastic touch. You can tell he's just overthinking them right now. Most of his misses are when his follow-through looks awkward. He's going to be an absolute monster in 8-cat (moreso than 9-cat) when his percentages fix themselves. If DSJ gets moved and he's the full time ball handler...LAWD
  6. Most minutes played on team (had 34 minutes early in 4th lol). Had to choose between him and Thomas Bryant (who showed signs of time share with Mahinmi)...think I'll stick with the guard for now.
  7. Man this kid is fun to root for and passes the eye test. Such a polished skillset for someone who has so little experience. Meanwhile Derrick White is still sitting on waivers...
  8. Agreed. Picked up --> tempering my expectations. Would be surprised but not shocked if he stayed on my roster though
  9. I'm sharing the optimism. Traded to open up a roster spot for Elf. People forget that the Pels started the season 4-0 and Payton-Davis was near unstoppable in a fast paced offense.
  10. If he gets 30 min? No f---king s--- lol. Problem is without Whiteside foul trouble/injury/trade/dramafest, it's hard for him to get there
  11. By the eye test, he has the ability to so if that's what you're asking
  12. Lol I'm just saying a DND list is not a smart thing to have in fantasy especially if you're going to draft a guy, be disappointed in him and then change your opinion less than halfway through a season lmao
  13. So long as he's healthy, this can only be good moving forward. Dipo has a winner's mentality, he's gonna work to be better and not lose any more games like this. (E.g. Kyrie after Dipo hit the game winner over the Celts)
  14. I think the Lord should be rested for a week to make sure everything's alright in the long run. He's too good of a player to be run into the ground. Thibs you ******** moron
  15. Passes the eye test with flying colors. I definitely think he's worth holding if you're ahead in your league. One Whiteside injury/trade and this guy is likely top 50 ROS
  16. He's not though and it was never realistic to expect him to with his health/age/JJJs emergence. Oladipo on the other hand has proven he can post top 10 value just last season. The main thing is that not only did the guy lose the trade, he was in here spreading misinformation and acting like a moron
  17. Don't have Rudy on my team but LMFAO at the guy acting holier than thou who dropped this guy earlier for Bamba
  18. The guy that fear mongered and traded for Marc Gasol AHAHAHHAHAHAHA
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