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  1. Watch out, the Bam might be getting unleashed
  2. Just ignore him lol. Look at his username. He's a no-life troll who's been spamming this board for a while
  3. If it ensures that he's fully healthy, I wouldn't mind him sitting out for another week. Dude's guaranteed to return at least second round value as long as he can stay on the court
  4. The idiocy rampant on these boards is a hilarity ain't it. Not gonna lie and say it doesn't irk me sometimes though
  5. Lmao some ppl be trippin'. Thought I could leave this ape filled thread for good but dudes feel the need to tag me. If that was collusion might as well shut down the NBA with moves such as Tyson Chandler being as orchestrated as possible. Grow some brains. bEtTEr tHan hAywARd FoR sUrE rOs
  6. I didn't say anything about standards. Inconsistent bum were also your words...could it be that you're a sufferer of nausea and ingestion? Anyways, I'm just gonna block and leave cause wasting time here isn't worth it.
  7. ??? You're not witty Why does it matter if I rostered SGA or not when I thought highly enough of his upside to tell my friend whose team is struggling to grab him? It's just not reasonable to say he'll be definitively better than Hayward at this point in the season. Take away the name from SGA's game log and you'd see "inconsistent bum" from his stats so far. Not to say he won't be better, but the bias is real if you're being honest with yourself.
  8. Actually, I told my friend to pick him up cause I had no drops. I have no reason to root against him (except you stans)
  9. "right now" There those biased words are again. Lmao "will"? Sure there's a chance he might, but you're not a genie with a crystal ball. I do realize this is a SGA thread and ppl are always over-optimistic about their latest waiver pickup so I'll just leave this at that. If SGA is better than Hayward, so be it. I don't think it's happening but it's not a hill I'm willing to die on.
  10. Key words: at the moment. You aren't winning any leagues with that kind of mindset
  11. Health permitting, and if Dave Joerger has any semblance of competency, very soon. This guy is special
  12. Apparently Hoiberg said his timetable hasn't changed so 6 weeks is still very possible. Moderate MCL sprains take time to stabilize/rest at first but the progression to full contact shouldn't take that long...he didn't have surgery lol
  13. Stats are surely inflated with Westbrook's absence and playing absolute garbage teams. Should be lock for top 15 this year though
  14. Who else could recover to make that play without fouling? This guy has crazy potential on both ends of the floor
  15. What an absolute beast. I'm also not biased to when I say Leonard lost the Raps this game. TOR ran iso for him most of the last 5 minutes...he bricked a couple and turned it over on the potential game winning shot. Siakam stood in the corner for days, got looked off and STILL had the defensive energy to make key stops (forced a traveling violation on Reggie Jackson with some Draymond like defense after a switch/monster game saving block for naught). This guy is special.
  16. "Eric Bledsoe? I don't know who the f--- that is" -Pascal, probably
  17. Hardly true. The problem with the Nuggets and probably why they didn't make the playoffs last year was that they had no designated go-to scorer who can create his own offense. Go watch Jokic's 2nd half in the play-in game with the Wolves, it was pretty sad watching such a talented player struggle to score when defenses really zone in. Gary's offense is mostly predicated on ball screens with Jokic and shooting open 3s or slashing on cuts. Murray and Barton are objectively the best "scorers" in the sense that they can create their own shot out of nothing. Jokic might've taken some steps forward (offensively) this year, but in crunch time iso, I'd take Murray out of anyone on the Denver roster
  18. He's been missing a lot of bunnies/floater mid range jumpers that were automatic at times last year. Maybe needs a little bit to get used to the weight he intentionally put on this offseason. Not overly concerned for long term
  19. I think 11 is a little too conservative. It'll be closer to 15 if he stays healthy, this guy is too polished and too much of a workhorse to not improve on a 11.8ppg rookie year.
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