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  1. I have. Over 20 of them LOL. People in my league hate trading
  2. How many teams? Damn that's an active league with trades (p good moves by you too). I'm envious of all the activity...there's been 3 trades in my league, two of which by me lmao. I've offered over 50 reasonable deals since the season started but people been trade averse AF
  3. Almost certain you got it right. Out of the bunch you posted, I'd keep a closes eye on THJ, he was playing great before going down with the injury. Take a look at my thread? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/690205-i-dont-have-a-drop-for-jrich/
  4. No idea what Kawhi owner would take that unless you're in a super deep league but give it a try if u want
  5. And for the people who say Zach Lavine...I'm aboard the sunk cost train on that one. It's boom or bust since I've been stashing for just about 2 months now
  6. 10Team Punt Assists AD Embiid Oladipo M. Gasol Middleton Gary Harris Paul George CJ McCollum John Collins Jamal Murray Serge Ibaka Zach Lavine Evan Fournier I think the ROS outlook for Collins is awesome and I really need his FG%/Reb. If I had to put logic over emotion, I'd probably drop Murray (but I'm a big fan) or Fournier (highly owned and will do well in injury-depleted ORL roster). There's no time to do a 2 for 1, nor will people in my team really entertain them (very trade-averse). I honestly think that JRich's scoring and %s will cool down but he'll still be valuable to my build. Any opinions?
  7. I feel you. The thing is I lead the league in steals by a pretty comfortable margin and recently traded Warren+Brown to get Harris so I'm all set (PG/Dipo/GHarris) even without Young. I've tried countless 2 for 1s to get value but no one bites in my league. Since stashing Lavine hasn't paid off for those 3s yet, I decided to drop Thad and now even Saric to take a flyer on Fournier and Murray. Hopefully I'll can nab them back if this experiment doesn't work out (Murray and Young both play back to back games starting today so I'll monitor closely). Thanks for your input tho, appreciated!
  8. Very frustrating. Been holding since Nov.1 in a punt assists team. Theoretically he's a fantastic fit and could even be brilliant when he returns...but I didn't expect it to take this long.
  9. 10 Teamer. The Fournier dropper has made boneheaded moves all year, dropping solid contributors and picking up weird players like Trevor Booker. Sad thing is his super flyer adds also lucked him into Mitchell and Tyreke LOL. That being said, as a Thad owner I understand you may be biased, but who would you rather have ROS between Thad/Saric/Fournier/Murray?
  10. Pretty quiet in here for a while. Seems like since his knee issue resurfaced he's shooting less and less (four consecutive games of single digits FGs). He's also been getting less minutes (which are going to Sabonis). Who's concerned? I had to drop him to pick up Fournier but really want to bring Thad back to the squad...so conflicted (end of roster guys are Saric, Collins).
  11. I may have misinterpreted your comment but you sure af was not enthusiastic about this guy just a week ago lmfao. Wonder if you want to drop him after tonight's game??
  12. You'd have to try to be more useless. I already missed on Donovan Mitchell/Tyreke cause I wanted to give him some more chances. Seriously thinking of dropping for Favors (don't really want just short term value though) or Henson at this point
  13. Middleton owners, would you trade him 1 for 1 in a punt assists build for Aaron Gordon? Slightly concerned but KMID helps my FT% quite a bit although AG's hot start makes it seem like he'll contribute across the categories I want better
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