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  1. With De'Aaron Fox's news that he'd be out for 10-14 days, I really hope Luke Walton plays this kid more than Delon. But one can only hope... because I'm really not sure what that coach is doing with his Mo Harkless shenanigans.
  2. Balling out recently with no Brandon Clarke. This man is just the perfect glue guy.
  3. He's starting tonight (though Birch is out)! C'mon WCJ!
  4. Absolute BEAST! His assists are no fluke; such vision from the top of the key.
  5. Nice efficient line in 30 minutes tonight, looks like y'all were right and the whole team just got blown out last game. All he needs is 25 minutes to be of value imo anyway.
  6. Nice low-end stat line tonight, but the 17 minutes are a little concerning. What do you guys think of this guy ROS? Can he get 25 minutes?
  7. He's starting tonight! Let's see what he can do. I'm assuming he'll get at least 30 minutes considering how Nick Nurse plays his starters.
  8. Finally! What can we expect on his minutes for the first week or so?
  9. Ugh I'm really considering dropping Ibaka for Monroe but I have a bad feeling that this is just a rare good game for Greg.
  10. Yeah he seems like a high risk high reward player though. But I have conley so I think acquiring him will give me some insurance of production.
  11. Someone offered me Reke for Elfrid. Should I take the trade? I'm a little unsure.
  12. I'm really tired of gallo, wondering if I should drop him for portis lol
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