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  1. Where is the let’s party Belichick meme when we need it?
  2. If they take Chase at six. 🤔
  3. Starting to look more and more like Brady was a once in a lifetime. And Belichick has no answer.
  4. There is another great LT in this draft, I believe.
  5. I’d be worried putting an immobile QB behind that line. That is what Wentz was. He got harassed. I don’t see, given their cap situation, how they can address o line with a free agent/s. Sewell makes a lot of sense to invest in. He could step in day 1 and shuffle the line to bolster the unit. Then you give Hurts a year. If he isn’t the answer then the extra first out of Wentz gives them ammo to draft or trade for something else next year. Having Sewell for five years on a rookie contract would go along ways into rebuild/recovery.
  6. Wentz traded evidently. Hurts ranks where now? Could he be inside top twenty since he can run?
  7. The reporting missing means someone hasn’t come home when they were supposed to. And check was ok. Month away from home. It is strange.
  8. There was even tampering accusations against Houston and Easterby regarding trying to hire Caserio while was under contract with Pats. The plan to hire Caserio Seems like it was set in stone prior to last season.
  9. You don’t need politics. You always do.
  10. It would be nice if they could paint a better picture. I just got out of work and have been reading now. I liked the espn article... “Schottenheimer was the eighth-winningest coach in NFL history. He went 200-126-1 in 21 seasons with the Browns, Chiefs, Washington and Chargers.”. Guy won at 0.674 rate in a league where this is not easy. I remember the playoff game at New England with his best year. NE fans were never mad at him. NE hated mostly Ladainian Tomlinson for him trash talking earlier. God bless Marty and Marty’s family. A legend.
  11. Looks like it needs subscription to read.
  12. Every Patriots fan I know was cheering for Brady. It showed up in ratings too, where Boston had higher viewer ratings than Tampa. https://thespun.com/nfl/afc-east/new-england-patriots/super-bowl-tv-ratings-tampa-bay-kansas-city-boston
  13. Your point was that Brady is outstanding, the greatest ever, and he could have won a super bowl with New England. I agree.
  14. You are right, probably New England would have won the Super Bowl. I agree.
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