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  1. I also try to give Up two Players in a two for one Trade, but in this one I would take Jrue and Tobias.
  2. Boucher has more upside than Bridges and Durant is better than Myles (although he will play less games). Id pick Durant.
  3. Hey, I am able to trade Lonzo Ball and Kyle Anderson for Malcolm Brogdon and Darius Bazley? Pull the trigger? Might be able to trade Thad Young instead of Kyle Anderson. 14 team, 8 cat, roto, team in signature.
  4. Only 30 points, 19 boards and 10 blocks to go! 😄 But srsly this guy is no use this season. I guess Holmes plays at least 1 game of the B2B.
  5. Picked him up for a boost in REB, STL and BLK one week before Mitch broke his hand, but will gladly stay for the ride
  6. The reduced blocks are because of Thibs. I guess Thibs told him to go less for blocks and just challenge the shot. Thus, he tries to block less shots, gets less fouls and increases his playing time. Bad for fantasy, but good for the team, as they have the best defense under Thibs.
  7. Got two deals on my hand. First one is give away Conley and Joe Harris for Jrue and Lamb. Second one is give away Conley and BroLo for Tobias Harris and Doug McDermott. Its a 14-team 8-cat Roto league.
  8. True, dont know if Brooklyn defensive schemes prevent gambling on steals. If that is not the case, the steals will come back.
  9. His FG is also way up and his FT and 3PM impact are down.
  10. I take whatever I get and the more the better!
  11. WCJ already missed 6 games, you just picked the three best games (which hapoen to be the last three). Anyways, I think he will produce around 12 pts, 6 reb, 4.5 ast and 2 stocks for the time being.
  12. No, they wont start Tillman alongside Clarke and JV for the sake of your fantasy team.
  13. For fantasy - maybe. For Brooklyn? Hell no. They want a truly defensive center, no way they use Hassan for that. Brooklyn will rather go after McGee.
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