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  1. Leave my Thad out of this! 😄 You wouldnt speak so ill of him, if you had shares of the Thadgic!
  2. That's correct about Mitch. Now if Donovan told LaVine to gamble less on steals but rather stay in front of his man, then you would also expect a drop in steals.
  3. Defensive minded does not equate to more steals. If his defensive schemes do not rely on a lot of reach ins and gambles to intercept passes, you won't get steals. Just look at NYK. Thibs is a defensive mastermind and Mitch Robinsons blocks dropped significantly.
  4. NBA doesn't care about fantasy. But it's a absolute dud game anyway, so you got lucky. Gonna bench this bum until the deadline.
  5. So, how is the outlook, will he ball out after ASB and sit out roughly 25 % of the schedule? I just traded for this guy and hope for some nice returns. Brooklyn has 35 games left in the 2nd half with 6 B2Bs in the second half.
  6. I would grab Nurkic over any of those (while White might be an exception), so pick Nurk instead of Gordon or Love tmrw.
  7. Yeah, I am in the same situation. I think I never saw a player drop off statistically that rapidly and significantly (without a major injury). Easily my worst pick in my 5 years of fantasy basketball.
  8. I also try to give Up two Players in a two for one Trade, but in this one I would take Jrue and Tobias.
  9. Boucher has more upside than Bridges and Durant is better than Myles (although he will play less games). Id pick Durant.
  10. Hey, I am able to trade Lonzo Ball and Kyle Anderson for Malcolm Brogdon and Darius Bazley? Pull the trigger? Might be able to trade Thad Young instead of Kyle Anderson. 14 team, 8 cat, roto, team in signature.
  11. Only 30 points, 19 boards and 10 blocks to go! 😄 But srsly this guy is no use this season. I guess Holmes plays at least 1 game of the B2B.
  12. Picked him up for a boost in REB, STL and BLK one week before Mitch broke his hand, but will gladly stay for the ride
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