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  1. According to basketball-reference he is playing 98% of his minutes at PF and 0% at SG so far this season, so I wouldn't count on it for now.
  2. His 2020 most improved award and all-star selections suggest he may have already broken out. But I'd be pretty thrilled if he does it again.
  3. Might keep an eye on him as a waiver wire pickup when he gets hot, but I'm passing on this guy even with the last pick in my draft. His best category (by far) last year was turnovers, he just stands in the corner and gets the occasional three or steal while not doing much wrong because he just doesn't get to touch the ball for anything else. I don't see how that improves this year, mainly because he also just isn't very good at anything else. sure there's worse guys to pick at the end of a draft, but I don't see any upside at all in House. You might as well swing for the fences with s
  4. It honestly could hurt a lot when you cut someone and replace them with a guy shooting 38% fg and 45% ft.
  5. You may be talking yourself into it a bit. Floor spacing is usually associated with good 3-point shooters, which Zion is not. And Kobe was better with Shaq off the floor (one season sample): Kobe Bryant stat splits for the 2003-04 Regular Season Situation FGA FG% FTM Ast TO OReb Reb Stl Pts Pts100 with Shaq 17.2
  6. Are you sure you're in the right thread?
  7. Is that a better a better representation of his real life value so far though? According to basketball reference he is 225th out of 233 eligible players in real plus-minus so far this season. He is 221st in out of 233 in win shares per 48, 417th out of 423 in value over replacement player. All the advanced stats seem to show him as a pretty bad impact player in the 9 games so far, your league may just value the things he happens to be fine at. Not saying that is likely to continue or he won't be much better than that (he was fine in these stats last year), but his real life value ove
  8. I don't think anybody becomes a must add with Curry out. Maybe for deep leagues Poole or Burks are worth a look but for 12 teams this situation can probably be ignored unless someone starts balling out in the next few games.
  9. They not only traded to get him, but also re-signed him to a 3 year 45M contract. It seems unlikely they did all that with the intention of shipping him off this year.
  10. His minutes have been all over the place in the games so far, seems a bit risky to put into lineups right now. Had a nice game but he could be back below 10 minutes next time, way too early for me to drop anyone for him. Keeping an eye on him in case he starts consistently playing solid minutes but not expecting much.
  11. Where is the confused reaction when you need it. Do you mean sell high because he's literally been the best he's ever been this past week? Also he's doing this on very low usage so don't worry too much about Jrue and Zion coming back.
  12. Didn't I just see you compare Nunn to Dwyane Wade and predict 18.5 and 8 with 2.5 threes for Graham?
  13. Not my argument but don't twist words man, that comment clearly doesn't say he's assessed Mitchell's definitely a dud and will not reach his upside.
  14. Opinions ranging from replaceable by waiver wire scrubs to early round stud, fair to say he's a bit of a polarizing player. This guy has people on here at each-others throats already and he hasn't even played a single minute yet. Best thread ever.
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