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  1. Lol where is jacobs..i should have benched him and played dobbins 😔
  2. lock N load in place of russ wilson..im good even if he can get 15pts lol
  3. Im starting him over russ . No regrets
  4. high sprained ankle, AC joint shoulder issue and thigh injury I don't understand why he is planning to play the meaningless last few games
  5. Deebo is their WR1 and why would tre not shadow him lol?
  6. can't trust him on championship weeks. i will probably roll with big ben during playoffs
  7. i have dropped him straight away as soon as he was put on IR and started rolling with TJ hawk. there are so many options out there better than him who doesn't have to fight for targets with goedert and richard rodgers and yes can't trust wentz anymore
  8. or shutdown for ROS as they wont be in playoff race
  9. get the giants recievers they have beautiful schedule upcoming
  10. are they still in playoff race? what will happen if they lose to tampa this weekend? are they out?
  11. CMC Chubb Mostert Ertz Still im the NO.1 thanks to Russ and ridley and justin jefferson for the 2 smash games and Indy defense
  12. george brittle 😄 i have decided to stream TE this year because i drafted him in round 2 last year and know the pain
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