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  1. keep sending emails to Yahoo. maybe they will change it
  2. He still dodsnt have c eligibility on yahoo... any way to fix this? I already tried contacting them...
  3. Shouldnt yahoo give him c positioning given that hes gonna play centre as per Borrego? Anyone know if played centre minutes in the preseason?
  4. Wondering this as well... is he going to miss games?
  5. hows DAR looking now that curry's out for at least 3 months?
  6. Haven't seen a thread for Lamb yet.. any update to his injury or him getting INJ tag?
  7. fyi... is this basketball or baseball? im sure you'd get better traction in the correct domain
  8. keep Jesus... and i dont know about the rest cus you posted this in the wrong forum
  9. anyone see what happen? do we expect him out long?anyone see what happen? do we expect him out long?
  10. Do you value kenrich that high? asking because i'm debating on picking him up
  11. minutes are coming down... is the holiday window closing?
  12. https://www.nba.com/pacers/video/oladipo-progressing-not-ready-to-return this is a few days old but its good to see him still active
  13. I think he should be fine. His PT dipped a bit in the new year, but given the fact that denzel is not returning means he will remain a starter
  14. what's his outlook when the team is at full strength? still hold or sell high now?
  15. Random question... who do you value more, prince or payton?
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