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  1. DND? Eh. Maybe performance based or role based depending where it is in the draft. But ultimately there should be no DND due to risk of injury/rest because everyone is at risk of not playing. For me, it used to be try and be aware of the injury prone guys. Then it became stay away from the Spurs. Then it became stay away from the load management boys. But now the whole league is at risk. Anyone can have a random rest day, or any team can be super cautious if a player gets hurt prolonging games missed, or sending them home to either trade them or buy them out, or just tanking and n
  2. Honestly, all I am looking for from him is a couple weeks worth of some blocks and threes. They have 16 games left. My expectation is he can get to starter minutes for the last 8 games. Sits on my bench in the meantime. It’s a shot worth taking cause in roto, when you are embroiled in a close battle for defensive stats and threes, just 8 quality games from him at his averages can put you over the top in those categories.
  3. Just the ebbs and flows of the season. No worry. The avalanche of stocks are coming.
  4. This was why a long leash was always the correct play with him. He just needed to get into a rhythm after the setbacks. And the great thing is he still has a bit of room to grow. He is shooting more shots this year, but at 46% on twos, 35% on threes. He shot 51% on twos, and 36% on threes last year. So hopefully he can shoot at last year's levels (specifically on twos) the rest of the way.
  5. For me, the Moses Brown/Tony Bradley debate has become the most entertaining part of this forum. And it is relevant because with all of the injuries / covid situations, if Bradley can up the minutes even more (he is on my WW currently, Moses is not), he could be a potential pickup. What also makes it relevant is because Moses is one of those Rotoworld (more specifically Jonas Nader) typical agenda ridden lovefests for the sole purpose of saying "see, see we told you." They will continue to beat the drum no matter what until they just move on to the next guy they can hype as their find.
  6. I like players that hold themselves accountable. I still believe he can get the deficiencies ironed out. The FT% percentage issue is definitely a concern and may stay a problem, so I am not too attached. But I would say he is still a hold for a little longer. I have the luxury of sitting him on my bench (roto), but for h2h, yeah, making a decision sooner than later is maybe best. But for people doubting, take his March for example (with that dud and injury game in it). He was 16, 3, 6 with a steal and half a block on 44.5% FG, but an abysmal 57.7 FT%. If he normalizes the FT to what
  7. Where’s the Miles Bridges dude at? This is now the time where we drive, don’t run! All aboard!
  8. Yup exactly what I did as well. But losing Hayward hurts. Such a brutal season tho for fantasy. Covid. Injuries. Tanking. And so unfortunate for Hayward too. Just can’t seem just shake the unlucky injuries.
  9. Dear Kevin Congrats on the success so far. You are a very talented player. And we know Wall is out again tonight so you will have plenty of time to cook. But I have one small request. Please. Let’s make at least 80% of your free throws if you get to the line. I know you can do it! Sincerely, Dude that has you on his fantasy team
  10. Just like with Kevin Love, although I also feel some sort of obligation to pick back up since I drafted him, I am not falling for this one either. Different reason than Love, but an easier decision. With LMA, its just too crowded. Not enough shots to go around.
  11. Even though apart of me is feeling some sort of obligation to pick him back up since I had drafted him, I don’t think I will be falling for this. His few games of relevance is not going to be worth the inevitable “re-injury” and subsequent drop. Too late in the season for this. I will let him be someone else’s headache.
  12. He probably did push for or definitely at the very least had a strong say in them trading for Harden. But ultimately, I don't really care about this Nets thing. I don't think it hurts his legacy teaming with Kyrie and then having a say in acquiring Harden. He is still an all-time great player and he is the best player on that team when healthy. But for me, what prevents KD from being in a top 10 all-time discussion is joining a team that had just beaten him. A 73-9 team. That is what will always keep him out of the top 10 for me.
  13. Yeah the Blazers as a franchise are an underachieving what if. So much bad luck.
  14. Yup, Amare, Larry Johnson, Brad Daugherty are a few others that come to mind. And unfortunately, Klay could be the next on this list. He is my favorite player so I really hope that is not the case when he comes back.
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