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  1. The moment you decided to put in the Chicago Defense instead of the Texans, both of which are on your bench. Your competitor leads you by like 60+ points and two of his other players haven't started yet LOL. I just got gang raped.
  2. I agree with the first response. Diggs fuller and mckinnin
  3. Your team looks fine IMO. Good luck!! Thanks for your suggestions on my thread!
  4. Hey guys: Of course my ESPN PPR league has a dreaded Week 17. I only have two issues ATM: 1. Who to start for QB? Dak or Patrick Mahomes? I had Alex Smith but he's not playing this week. I know Dak has nothing to play for, which is why I figured, why not take a gamble? 2. Who to start for Flex? Devin Funchess or Wayne Gallman? Have a happy new year everyone.
  5. I'm doing the same. Really no choice here. Dak doesn't care and Alex isn't playing. The other best qb I can get is Marcus mariota but I'd rather start mahomes over mariota lol.
  6. So painful to watch this game. My competitor and I have no players in this game but wow. If Eagles can't survive this, what will they do in the post season? O.O
  7. Is Larry still playing? I was hoping for more points LOL. My greedy self.
  8. Ugh. I've been burned by the Panthers yet again - Funchess + Olsen. Looks like I may lose the 3rd place game too. LOL.
  9. That Fumble was so painful to see but I have Freeman and Kamara. I guess when one players gains, the other loses? lol.
  10. Mmm I'm playing Funchess + Olsen and getting burned. Love it! LOL. Just my luck like last week!
  11. Baldwin. Go with superstars during finals. The other ones don't compare to Baldwin.
  12. I have Chris Hogan and I just plan to keep him on my bench until the end of the season. He was AMAZING for the first half of the year, but after he got injured, he faded into Fantasy Irrelevance. Next year, he'll be a WR3 because Edelman will be back.
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