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  1. Not over hill. Maybe brown. Definitely D.J. Moore with the new qb.
  2. I like Perriman much better than Boone. I’m a Vikings fan. I just don’t see Boone having much higher ceiling than a RB2 and he is risky on Monday night. Perriman on the other hand is the default #1 in TB and that matchup will be a shootout. Someone has to catch the ball there.
  3. I think I like Rodgers. Garoppolo would be my second choice. Im not big on Boone. Risky on Monday night. I think I’d go Drake even @Sea. Parker I like. Brown I like too but not against Lattimore. I’d go Perriman.
  4. PPR Edelman (Buf) Kupp (@SF) Perriman (Hou) Fuller (@TB) Pick one WHIR
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