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  1. Pls actually be ready to return and not have this been rushed...
  2. He just got elbowed in the eye by Batum, going to locker room the same right eye
  3. Damn, 2 missed games might cause me to lose this week :’(
  4. Right off the bat both harden and Russ are taking easy boards away from cap
  5. Had him on my team in the same 12team/9cat setup with a last 3 pick. I went ahead and dropped him for Thybulle but I don’t think Powell is a better alternative. If it were OG/Powell i would hold OG, but still doesn’t make him the best option
  6. Roto blurbs are still pretty high on him.. Do you think they’re just way off or is it up to a coin toss of possibility?
  7. No thread about this floor general yet.. What are we thinking from the vet this year as the backup playmaker with more capable scorers? Picked him up late round but now looking to possibly drop for someone like J. Culver or Fultz as a more season long prospect. What are expectations for the laker point guard?
  8. Drop Reggie bullock for him? Can't decide bc of Reggie big minutes
  9. Psst. We need to say good things about big al so that others will still take him early instead
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