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  1. Here's my super (not really) strategy of how I am going to draft in 2021 and why. Keep in mind I'm not really heavy into fantasy baseball as much as yooz guyz. My basic idea here is that my top tier - first round pick MUST have stolen bases. I don't want to go for Trout in the top 5 because he doesn't really steal that many bases anymore. If you take Trout let's say first overall or maybe 2nd which a lot of people will do, well by the time the and pick rolls around, all of the top multi category guys will be taken. So you're left having to reach a little with stolen bases and you neve
  2. Mookie Betts is easily the number 1 pick. Easily. A) He has the safest floor. Only 1 time in the past few 5 years did he finish outside of the top 15. (a fluky year where he was dealing with some injuries). B He has the highest ceiling. Just look at 2018 for example. Juan Soto can hit for that average and power but he won't steal 30 bases. C he is playing on an elite team D he will never lose a late At Bat to be pinch run for or for his defense E He is entering his prime age at age 27 (turning 28).
  3. I think so. I would take Trout 1st and Betts 2nd. Exactly like last year. When I'm choosing players with my 1st round pick I want a pretty good player with a really nice safe floor Combine that with evidence that the player could potentially be a lot more. A really safe floor that also comes with unlimited upside, that's Trout and Betts. Betts was the number 1 fantasy player in 2018 and had he stayed healthy it wouldn't have been close. He was the best fantasy player in 2 of the past 4 years. Even in his "off years" he still a productive player right around the top 20 playe
  4. YeahI I said that Mookie Betts should be a top 3 player. Now he's going top 5 at least, that's a start. I guess if he got confirmed to be on the Red Sox, it would bump up to top 3.
  5. I just discovered this thread... I think it's nuts to pick Juan Soto #5 overall. Take him over Betts, Arenado, Bregman? He's young. He's got potential. But overall in nearly 2 years he's got a .290 something batting average, a good but not elite level of Hr's and some stolen bases (but was never supposed to be a base stealer). He hasn't stolen a base in September. You want to know a consistent hitter with elite upside potential and an "I win button"? Mookie Betts. With Mookie you always know what you're going to get. A good batting average, around 30 Hr's, steals , a ton of run
  6. The tragedy of Chris Archer is that there's a good pitcher in there somewhere. Guy has head issues. He's always had them. I've seen him open up a hitter 0-2 and then try to pinpoint the corners, fall back to 3-2 and then walk them. But if Pittsburgh can't cure him I don't know what can.
  7. I think if you want to give the best comparison to Betts in 2018, you can look at Bryce harper in 2017. Going into
  8. The way I see it, Mookie Betts 2018 = Bryce Harper 2017 Bryce Harper was awesome in 2015 so he went very high in 2016 and had a disappointing season. His average was way down but he still had a 20-20 season. Sounds like anyone we know? Everyone knew he would come back and have a great year and he did, until the injury. So by the same logic Betts should be 1st round all the way. Everyone knows he is an elite talent coming off a bad year, with plenty of good players around him.
  9. Ian Desmond. Was hurt most of last year. Potential 20/20 guy hitting in Coors.
  10. Hello. yes Nicasio is a free agent. The Cardinals already met with him to work out a new contract. So I think this is the more likely route then to sign Holland. Especially, if the rumors about going after Giancarlo Stanton have any validity. St Louis just can't afford it.
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