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  1. The b2b won't hurt his return at all. If he used to have 3 games in a week and a 4th game gets added which he sits, he'll still have 3 games in the week.
  2. Opening the play by play to see that was awesome lol
  3. It's just conditioning left. My team is decimated by injuries and I'm still more patient than you guys
  4. I don't know if I can hold this guy long term. His ft is just so bad. I'd probably look to trade him if he gets season long value
  5. I agree with this dude but reddit is mostly the same. I just think here people are killed more for having contrarian beliefs.
  6. I'd rather it be an injury. I'm hoping he doesn't start sitting b2bs too
  7. Kyrie had 12 shots. It doesn't have to do with him
  8. The guy had covid. That can happen to anyone in the league this year
  9. I prefer the games he's getting with Ja than without. Without he averaged 11-6-5-0.5-0.6 on 36% shooting. With he's averaging, 13-7-2-0.8-0.7 on 49% shooting As for Melton, let's see if he gets this much time when Grayson Allen comes back
  10. damn wrote all this and not even in the right place lol
  11. Yes one is a superstar, but that's not the point. If the best player on the team is struggling, the whole team likely will too. I also don't think Valanciunas will impact him at all, and I honestly doubt JJJ will impact him as much also but I could be wrong about that one.
  12. Reactionary much? 2 bad games in 2 non competitive games is expected. Ja went 12-4-2 while shooting 32% in those games. Hope y'all aren't dropping him too
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