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  1. When you strategize all week about which player to pick up and who to drop so you can maximize your games and then the player you pick up doesn't play. All those brain cells and time wasted for nothing
  2. I dropped korver for him who has been getting zero burn. He's an end of the bench flier for me. I understand your disappointment if he finally turns it around on someone else's roster. Blind squirrels are not top 50 fantasy assets the previous year. We understand he is in a bad situation but for me it's zero risk
  3. Just took a flier on him after someone dropped him in my 14 team league. Looks like he is slowly getting his game going. Hope some shoes drop on cavs sometime soon. Any hope on this guy?
  4. Valentine Bojan Bogdanovic Canaan Crowder 9 cat. 14 team league.
  5. 9 cat 14 team league. Isaiah Canaan Lance Stephenson Danny Green Jae Crowder Dwight Powell
  6. I'm going to offer my Thad, Rolo, korver for his markanen and ingles. What do you think ?
  7. Thanks all. That was in line with what I was thinking too, but got clouded by the fact markanen is coming on now and i had ingles before and he was a solid contributor. I will stay put
  8. Jut got an offer. His Markanen and Ingles for my Wall and Korver. Yay or nay? I've got enough assists to still be competitive but not sure that is enough return
  9. If you need an end of the bench big with good percentages and low turnovers, Dwight Powell is playing really well lately.
  10. Dropped him. Been waiting too long on this guy. Eventually he will get it going but I can't afford the rookie inconsistencies. As long as they in the hunt for a playoff spot they will play Jack more. Need some stability in my lineup. Good luck all
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