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  1. Love is gonna be back on feb 14. I have a good feeling.
  2. Was dropped in my league. Worth a pick up with kawhi and PG in covid protocol?
  3. Any potential as a point forward or an outlier game against the knicks?
  4. I would do the trade. Boucher doesn't play that well against bigger centers. They were playing against the hornets who only have biyombo and PJ washington (a natural PF) as their centers and Nurkic got injured and only played 9 minutes against the raptors so Kanter(very bad defensive center) had to play. How he does in the next game will be very telling but I would rather have siakim for sure.
  5. Yes, definitely take this trade. Aaron gordon is good but he kills your %s and doesn't get you steals or blocks. Not very good for category leagues even though it may look nice from the counting stats.
  6. Drop Quickley. The Knicks are actually winning games and coach doesn't like to play rookies huge minutes. His upside is capped because of this.
  7. Yeah, I think its fair. MPJ has a higher ceiling while jrue has a better floor just because of his established role in the Bucks. Based on your positional need it is a good trade.
  8. Drop is shallow leagues? Doesn't seem like he'll fully get unleashed unless Barnes, Fox, Hield are injured or in the second half when kings are gonna embrace another tanking season. Luke is fighting for his job here and he always has been weird with his rotations, especially against rookies.
  9. Yes take either trades but I would take the Collins trade. Way more upside with collins while pj washington might get worse once zeller is healthy and he can't fill as many center minutes. Collins is also at a low value with the beef with trae but they should get things figured out or he may get traded which would be even better.
  10. Siakim/Dragic. Less injury risk with Siakim and a higher ceiling. Better floor with CP3 but rest and injury risk. Dragic is also better than Duncan robinson.
  11. Keep garland and drop williams for K Love. K love is worth a no.3 waiver. He can provide top 75 value if healthy.
  12. How would you rank these players? My team is average in FTs, Stls, TOs (Have Giannis so he automatically brings down FTs and TOs by himself) Punting Blks Good at everything else. (Got all the passing/3pt shooting bigs)
  13. A drop in shallow leagues? Kills your FG and FT, Doesn't provide lots of Stls or Blks, but provides counting stats across the board.
  14. Thinking higher FG%, Higher FTA, less 3s, less shot attempts, more assists, less turnovers maybe? Or does Collins just get shopped out for a guy like robert covington?
  15. Any danger to Trae with Collins criticism at trae’s offense?
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