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  1. That game was a total **** show 🙄 Excuse my 6 for 60 and a touchdown prediction. Hopefully the Bucs offense can wake up, because I liked what I saw from ABs route running last night.
  2. Godwin about to be a WR3 RoS. Constantly in and out with injuries, AB gunna be eating every week.
  3. I mean, y'all can sit and worry about his mental health all you want. Yeah the dude is nuts, but he balls out. 6 for 110 and a tuddie this week, in 3 weeks he will be the bucs go to offensive weapon.
  4. Get ready for the AB train you guys. Starting this week the Bucs offense is turning into the AB, Gronk, and Fournette show. Godwin and Evans will be involved but as 2nd and 3rd options. This is the league winning WR pickup a lot of us have been watching for. The James Robinson of fantasy WRs here. Dont sell for less than top 15 value.
  5. Could get high volume from a young QB. [...] I still think hes a WR1.
  6. Hate to see all the MT owners when they realize they should have taken a few of those "poor trade offers" in a few weeks. I'll take AB over MT any day.
  7. Dropped Slayton, will be picking up Shepard in his place. Considering Slayton is boom or bust. Shepard will be far more consistent.
  8. Thats a good trade but thats assuming Mckinnon never gets 22 touches a game. I think he might.
  9. We have any hope he can turn into a WR2 this year? The vikings offense looks BAAAD sans Diggs.
  10. Choose choooooo! 🚅 Jets gunna go off with Shanihan if he runs like he used to in MN.
  11. Im in this position as well. Started off 2-0 I've got Miles Sanders and Dalvin Cook as my RB1 & 2 right now, so I should be in a healthy position to compete the next 4 weeks. Regardless, I cant wait for CMC to get healthy and come back. If he needs 6 weeks im prepared.
  12. Come baaaaaaaaaack Caff!!!! 😭😭😭❤❤❤
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