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  1. AD, Shamet, Monte Morris for Ja, SGA, and Covington which side wins?
  2. Is this considered a buy low if I'm giving Fournier and RoCo?
  3. If this is category, I would hold for now. Jokic can only get better and Bam is killing it so far.
  4. Would you waste a waiver priority on Enes Kanter?
  5. Drummond for Trae Young and Randle. 14 team H2H 9 cat
  6. Receiving Randle. 14 team H2H 9 cat punting 3’s and TO and FT
  7. Lowry for Bledsoe since if you need more steals.
  8. My team is good in blocks. Need more 3s and steals.
  9. Anyone know what's going on with minutes and why he's streaky with his stats?
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