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  1. Shouldn't he get tagged in the INJ list if he's missing a week?
  2. Playing a 12 team h2h pts league. Was offered butler and ariza for jrue & beal. Should I take it? What do y'all think? My roster are: PG: J.Holiday, Conley, Wall SG: Beal, Mitchell, Levert SF: Galinari, Saric, RHJ PF: Markkanen, Millsap C: Howard, Okafor, Gobert 2guys in IL:Conley, Millsap
  3. Someone is offering me giannis for ingram and batum. Should I take it? I play in a 12 team h2h points league.
  4. Playing on a h2h pts league and currently 2nd with a 4-1 record. My roster is: Jrue Holiday, D.Mitchell, RHJ, Markannen, T.Booker, Monroe, Saric, Beal, Fox, Howard, AND i have 5 INJ players... Wall, Conley, Millsap, Gobert, Galinari. I only have two spots in the IL so that leaves 3 bench spots for my other INJ guys. I'm playing someone with a strong team this week and i'm for sure am gonna lose with so much wasted roster spots. Should I wait it out and take the L now or should I package my injured guys in a trade?
  5. Playing a 12 team h2h pts league & currently 3rd. Normal 9 cat stats with Tech,Ejct, DD, TD, but no FGM. Rosters are: PG:Lowry, Ball, DSJ SG:THJ, Hood SF:Batum, Ingram, Prince PF:Morris(BOS),Portis,Anderson C:AD, Drummond,Embiid I'm trying to make space for the return of Batum & I didn't want to drop anyone so I thought i'd get some value for a guy a was bound to drop if I had to. I traded Marcus Morris and Ryan Anderson for Brook Lopez and Nerlens Noel. Im going to drop Noel as soon as the trade goes through to make space for Batum and I'm gambling o
  6. I'd keep dsj. He will get better as the season goes.
  7. Yup i'll def drop brogdon. Since theres no TO i like what russell can bring to the table.
  8. You have a very solid team. But for me i'd hold off with what you have now. I think portis will be better than morris this season.
  9. Yep thj is playing well and it looks like its going to hold till the end of the season.
  10. Butler will have a reduced role playing with the wolves. The only way his situation improves is if teague gets hurt and he can then handle the ball more.
  11. This is embiid's year. If your not going to contend this year you can gamble and hope he keeps ballin out till the trade deadline and get a juicier trade with someone trying to contend.
  12. I'd do it. Turner will get out of this slump and i'd choose ingram because of the potential he can get better as the season goes.
  13. 2nd one for sure. DSJ long term outlook is great and we don't even know if lavine will get to play the heavy minutes this season.
  14. Def turner side. If that bledsoe deal didn't happen I would slightly side with the blake one because they are consistent players. That aside I was expecting covington to take a dip playing with embiid but he is still ballin like last year.
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