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  1. Chances this guy plays this weekend? Full workload like before?
  2. Perine is active. Planeed on starting Bibbs in .5 ppr. Thinking maybe Gallman is the better choice... please help!
  3. I live in Chicago suburbs. Started snowing about 30 minutes ago. Coming down at a steady rate. Wind chill about 10
  4. Just saw this as well. Guess I am not starting him.
  5. Weather update in Baltimore? I still feel pretty confident starting Tucker unless its super windy, heavier rain.
  6. Super thin at WR. Eli Rogers worth a dart throw? .5 ppr
  7. He is playing. Returned to practice today. He was just sick.
  8. I would not start him. They were up big the past couple weeks. He will not get the same amount of volume we have been seeing.
  9. I have a big decision at flex. Kind of slim on options. Barely snuck into the playoffs, but somehow made it to the big game. Big money on the line. Who do I start at flex? 0.5 ppr Jamaal Williams K. Wright Penny (dependent if Williams is out) Any feedback will help. Thanks.
  10. Do I start Jamaal Williams on Saturday or roll with Penny on Sunday if he starts? 0.5 ppr
  11. This bum had multiple chances to score from the 1
  12. Thank u ivory for being complete garbage
  13. This guy worth a pickup this week with Hogan out? Adam schefter says he will b more involved now...
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