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  1. I did this trade. I offered rozier for oubre after that first game, and the trade was accepted on christmas day lol
  2. Gallinari might be coming back tomorrow to jump start a 4-game week
  3. Sucks.. but I just read this. Sooo HOPEFULLY just Saturday and he'll be back Sunday .... so frustrated because I also own Giannis and both of them got injured this week, ughhh "We'll see, Sunday or next Tuesday, we don't know. But it'll be pretty soon," coach Mike D'Antoni said of Paul's return. "We're just making sure he's OK but probably Sunday, Tuesday," D'Antoni said. "We just want to make sure this time that he has enough rest where it won't happen again, hopefully." Houston Chronicle
  4. Doubtful for Friday. Sigh, but I guess it's almost expected that he misses that one...luckily I picked up Jabari this Monday after he was dropped. Fingers crossed that Giannis comes back Sunday!!
  5. Someone in my no IR league’s consolation bracket just picked up Gary Harris...guess he’s trying real hard to win 5th place lol
  6. How likely will he come back on Friday? Should I gamble and pick him up after midnight so I have him for Friday. Hmmm
  7. Looked not too bad (knock on wood). Walked back to the locker room alright
  8. Well, this sounds reassuring: “I’m cool,” Paul said. “I’m good. I’m good. I'll be fine. Asked if he would miss any time, Paul said, “No, no, no, no. I’m fine.” He had already given Rockets coach Mike D’Antoni the same report, verbally and non-verbally. “He’s fine,” D’Antoni said. “He just felt it a little bit. Anytime I tried to take him out, he gave me the death stare. He said he’s fine. If not, we’ll let him sit for a couple games, a couple days, but he said he is fine.” Source: Houston Chronicle
  9. Sad, but should drop. He's not making the 4 game trip. Earliest return date would be 3/31
  10. Barea will "try and play" tonight, per coach.
  11. I am. curious to see what he will do tonight. hes been good even when collins was in the lineup so i might hold him the whole week since they got 4 games
  12. New Favors owner here, picked him up from the wire last week but he's out tomorrow with knee soreness and I'm in semifinals. is he worth holding onto?
  13. I'm considering it too, Fox's assists hasnt really been there last couple games, but no one on my wire offers much upside? Probably should've scooped DJ Augustin. I need 3PTMs to get through semis successfully.
  14. I'm taking a flyer on mike muscala. Atlanta plays 4 games this week and john collins with unknown status on that ankle. He's worth a look imo.
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