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  1. After this tsunami I’m ok if he only gets 10 points next game - this is the way
  2. And it looks like he’ll have a chance to do it all again in the 4th now that he’s been benched for his 4th foul a minute into the third 😂
  3. Ooh-Bae alert! If they benched him right now for the rest of the game it’ll be his best line of the season
  4. Boucher looking like French Canadian KD tonight - Le Serviteur! 😄
  5. 4/4 so far with 2 threes though?!?! OH MY LAWD (the bar is really low these days)
  6. This is probably the best overall line he has ever had in his career - pat on the back for the guys who took a flier
  7. Can't say I planned it but damn is it fun
  8. To be fair both of his missed game winners rimmed out - but yea boucher needs more catapulting. Hopefully Nurse keeps this up
  9. Feels REALLY good to have Davis, Turner, Boucher, AND Holmes on the same team 🤣 Bigger than Dave Chapelle's Block Party
  10. Chris "Trebuchet" Boucher This man is the best pickup in fantasy so far
  11. To be fair, Boucher had 3 fouls in 7 minutes so that's probably why he didn't get much (lengthy) action in the first half
  12. Feels good when your team has Davis, Turner, and Boucher. Biggest Block Party 😂
  13. Decided to pick him up - seems like he is going to get some massive run considering the only real consistent scorer on the team is SGA
  14. Lost this week by 0.1% because this guy took just a few too many shots - feels bad. I have confidence he can still turn it around. Was doing fine during the preseason and still gets everything else going. I'll give him another week before clicking the nuclear reaction button 😂
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