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  1. While I don’t necessarily agree with how he said it, I fully understand and agree with his reservations especially since details leaked of the new proposal to the public which shows the owners trying to renegotiate a deal in bad faith, which they and the players already agreed upon back in March in good faith. Players did not have to agree to take pay cuts at all as all of their contracts are fully guaranteed the moment the season starts but yet the deal that was negotiated at the beginning of the pandemic, has them taking a prorated salary based on games played. That was fully agreed
  2. And that point is also moot because Hicks isn't making nearly as much money as either of them nor was ever as good as either of them when they signed their contracts.
  3. It is applicable when the post I was responding to's point was that Hicks is gaurenteed playing time because of his contract.
  4. Ellsbury had some very good years early in his career with Boston even before that 1 year he hit for power. Hicks has never even played a full season and many disagree that his playing time is not a question going forward even when he is finally healthy. Hicks will likely get playing time when healthy but to say it's unquestioned is beyond obsurd if both Bird and Voit are mashing into May and Hicks is still hurt. It's a big if especially for Bird but if he is, he will stay in the lineup and if anything Gardner likely becomes a 4th outfielder when Hicks returns but if Gardner is also hitting
  5. Except hicks isn't even half the player either of them were at their best and has yet to even stay healthy for a full season. He is also not making nearly as much money as either of them.
  6. So does that mean when Ellsbury is healthy he will have a starting job waiting for him because of his contract? This is the team who forced A-Rod and his massive contract to the bench and early retirement. This is New York and they are looking to contend for a championship. It would be more than foolish if they only adhere to comments made in spring training and let a players contract dictate playing time over some one who is healthy and mashing. There is no guarantee Bird or Voit will keep it up and win playing time but if they do, plans can change fast. Even if Hicks is healthy (but giv
  7. I would expect Buxton to open the season hitting 9th however if he continues his torrid spring once the regular season starts I would be surprised if he's not moved up to the top of the order hitting either 1st or 2nd before the end of April. I understand a lot of people have soured on him after being burned the past few years and while I wouldn't expect it but also wouldn't be surprised if he ends up being the twins best hitter this season. While his floor is extremely low, his ceiling still remains pretty high and it wouldn't be shocking if he finally puts it all together with a break out s
  8. Yeah I was leaning this way before I made this post and it seems to be the general consensus but I definitely have some intriguing options so wanted some other opinions. It's just hard to ignores a potentially healthy sanchez's upside at C. He could be a game changer.
  9. A few prospects and draft picks who will probably net you mediocre mlb talent for a 24 year old who is already an established ace is a hard pass for me. Something was clearly wrong with Severino in the second half and you would be giving that team a gift by giving up on him solely because of that. Severino will be an anchor for any fantasy staff for at least the majority of the next decade if not beyond and it's a lot to give up for the unknown. Unless a prospect named Vlad Guerrero JR is included passing on this is a no brainier for me.
  10. You should keep Soto. Scherzer will maybe give you a couple of more great years but at his age he can start falling off any season now, but Soto is a guy who can anchor your squad for the next 10-15 years if not beyond. Unless your offense is completely stacked and getting Scherzer would all but guarantee a championship this year, there is no way I would even consider this deal in a dynasty league.
  11. Sanchez is 15 for the upcoming season. He would be 22 next season and could be well worth that if he has a big year this season.
  12. I forgot I also have Wilson Ramos who can be kept for 5. Hoskins does have 1b eligibility but I am also high on Olson as well. Agreed though that Sanchez offers massive potential and the most upside in a position that aside from a handful of players is usually a black hole.
  13. Need help deciding my last keeper. We get to keep up to 8 players with a draft budget of $260 in a 12 team standard 5x5 league except with k/9 instead of k's. The cheapest anyone can be kept is $5 and anyone who was $5-$9 is kept at $10. Anyone who was $10 or higher salary increases by 50% the following year. The prices listed are how much they will be kept for the upcoming season. Ideally I'd like to make a trade or 2 but it's not looking too likely at this point. right now I'm keeping: Ronald Acuna Jr - 10 Aaron Judge - 10 Rhys Hoskins - 10 Luis Severino
  14. That is some of the worst advice I have ever seen. However I would consider keeping all 3 of those guys or Carpenter and tossing Realmuto back into the mix. I don't think realmulto at round 12 is as good a value or have as much potential upside as those 3 players offer at the rounds you have them at.. While realmuto should once once again be one of the top catchers in the league again, he is a much better real life player than fantasy player and even with a change of scenery and a slight boost in rbi's and runs the separation he offers between other catchers in most categorie
  15. So true I don't get where all this hate for Gary Sanchez is coming from. Yeah he had a miserable year last year, some which was due to injury and some of it was due to just plain bad luck. His hard hit ball ratio and exit velocity was still among the tops in the league and he just happened to hit a lot of those hard hit balls directly at people. His k rate spiked slightly last year compared to 2017 but not by much and that can also be attributed to an injured struggling player who was obviously pressing at times who was trying to play catch up. Eventually it can become just as much a menta
  16. It's not really Dave Roberts fault but more so the Dodgers organization as they have recently shifted to a much more statistical analytical approach given recent personnel changes throughout the organization therefore the team has been and most likely will continue to play the matchup game and make more seemingly unconventional lineup and defensive configurations which are based more on data research and scouting than Dave Roberts own intuition or decisions. Loosing some key players in the mix from last year might soften the approach this year in terms of Bellingers playing time but if he st
  17. Yeah this was very surprising. He did not have a hall of fame worthy playing career and every name on the ballot is more deserving if they were going strictly by playing career. If they voted him in as an announcer/analyst that still would make little to no sense so early into his announcing career. I wonders who's hands he had to grease to make it happen lol. I call shennanagens.
  18. And if that's not enough and he gets another bad call after that he should pull a Bobby Valentine with the fake mustache and do it all over again.
  19. Colorado could be good enough to push for the division next year and the Padres could also be a team on the rise. I also wouldn't completely rule out the Giants they usually find a way to hang in there and compete with a lack luster roster as they did win 3 World Series that way. Granted they had better starting pitching those years, but the off season is still young and stranger things have happened in baseball. Also, limiting buehlers inning limit could also hinder his future development as we've seen in other young pitchers who were coddled by their teams. It's still a firm
  20. If the Dodgers take away his inning restrictions I see no reason why he couldn't take the next step to elite status as soon as this year. I love what he brings to the table and he finished the year strong and was exceptional in the playoffs as well. He was even better than his overall season line if you take away that one blunder he has at the end of June when they rushed him off the dl without any rehab appearances and gave up 5 runs in an inning of work before being placed right back on the dl. Even if it was just to cap his innings and give him some rest, the rust showed. He is an ace on
  21. You would even think at some point the league and commissioners office should get involved. I mean it's certainly not good for the sport when you are taking away at bats from one of the games brightest rising stars on so many blaitently bad calls. It's not even just 1 season, it has been going on since his rookie year. I've even seen him get called out looking on strikes on several occasions by pitches that were a few feet off the plate and just not even close. I mean he already has the largest strike zone in the game and one of the best eyes in all of baseball, so how are the u
  22. Well yes, I suppose if you look at the overall numbers that is not challenging 30 and as I said in my last comment perhaps I was being a bit generous with that statement. However, in each of those seasons he hit 24 hr's he faded a bit down the stretch and hit only 2 and 3 hr's in the month of September respectively which both were his lowest hr total of any month those years. Either way it's just nit picking. As long as the knee is fully healthy coming into the season I would expect his sb totals to go back where we are used to seeing from him. i do agree that if he makes to the
  23. I never said he hit 30 hr's. Challenging 30 hr's is not the same as hitting 30hr's. He hit 24 hr's in back to back years which is close to 30 hence why I used the word challenging. If I said he'd never hit 30 hr's again then your statement in response to mine would be warranted. But perhaps I was generous by saying challenging 30. realistically high teens low 20's is a reasonable expectation.
  24. Well said. I wouldn't be overly concerned about Altuve and think if he's fully healthy he still will be capable of putting up elite numbers for at least a couple of more seasons. Because of his size and position people will always be quick to write him off at the first sign of trouble. He may never challenge 30 hr's again but I think the low 20's is still realistic and being fully recovered from the knee injury will give us the sb totals we are more accustomed to seeing from him. That could change a few years down the road as speed is usually the first to go, but we aren't quite there yet.
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